What is the meaning of Orientation? Concept and Definition of Orientation

Definition of orientation


1. Concept of orientation

The concept of orientation is linked to the verb to Orient. This action makes reference to put one thing in a certain position, to inform a person that does not know and who seeks to know, or to guide a subject to a site.
In this communicative sense, we can include that today is spoken frequently of what are called educational guidance. This is an activity carried out by the Counsellor in different schools that basically consists of helping pupils to route its present and its future training. Thus, for example, it will serve so it may decide which degree carry out according to their tastes and abilities.
In the same way, the educational orientation extends to teachers and parents of students. Both in one and in another case, professional discipline that will support and will help both in their roles to help the development of young students in the best possible way.
Nor can we overlook another term that has gained much presence in our society, is called labor or professional orientation. In this case, the rushing this function that tries to staff advice and analysis to the person who is unemployed on measures and actions achieved to find a job.
Thus, among the most frequent performances that will perform expert said to help the unemployed or those who wish to change jobs they are the preparation of curriculum vitae, search of offers of employment, tips on how to prepare and cope with a job interview as well as various initiatives to achieve that the unemployed have a good self-esteem.
Common is that orientation consists in locating the East: why its name. All living beings appeal, in one way or another, to orientation, since humans and plants, to the animals.
For example: "will I seek guidance from that farmer: maybe can tell us how to get to the city", "Thanks to the guidance of my parents, I became a good man", "Carlos, I need your guidance: what is the form that I must complete to make the affidavit?".
Orientation, ultimately, implies knowledge of the space and context by means of certain references. There are numerous methods of guidance: determining the Meridian from shadows generated by the Sun, locating Polaris (if the person is in the northern hemisphere), locate the constellation of the Cruz del Sur (for those in the southern hemisphere), etc.
Compass, on the other hand, is a device whose purpose is to orient the user. This instrument features a magnetized needle which indicates what is the magnetic north. The North does not always coincide with the geography North and varies according to the region of the world in which we find ourselves.
According to historical records, the Chinese of the 9th century were invented the compass to improve orientation.

2. Meaning of orientation

Orientation, Word that comes from the East (place where the sun rises) is what allows someone follow or find your way right or desired, above all when it is lost or disoriented. The first medium that man used to navigate or placed in the geographical space was the Sun, comes from the East and is hidden by the West.
The sense of orientation is inborn human beings; the plants are oriented towards the Sun to receive its light, animals in general, know located in space, being able to move and return to their usual sites.
Around the 9th century, supposedly in China, an instrument was invented in order to orient itself, was the compass, consistent in its beginnings in a needle imantaba floating in a container containing water. This was replaced by a shaft rotating indicating the cardinal points in the "rose of the winds".
In another sense, orientation means to guide the person to fulfill their vital goals, following the path of your choice. So there are some cabinets or people who serve others to guide them, labor or vocationally, trying to find work or college career that best fits your personality and inclinations.
There is also guidance on consumption, which teaches people to select the foods that have more nutritional properties, and that don't cost much money, reaching is a rich and balanced diet with a moderate budget. The same can be done with personal property, for example, orientation to decorate a home with good taste, or orientation to dress smart, etc.
Legal orientation means providing legal advice in the defence of the rights of persons in charge of lawyers.
Guidance in first aid is to provide information to learn how to drive before medical emergencies.

3. What is orientation

The word orientation presents an extended usage in our language and we use it to refer several issues.
The placement of something in a certain position and in tune with the cardinal points you referred to as orientation. The Department we buy has north facing as we wanted to.
Also, the placement of something with a special position is called orientation. You got that change the orientation of the armchair because you are going to burn with the Sun's rays that hit him directly.
Other recurrent use of the word is to account for the position or address that has something or someone in relation to one of the cardinal points. Orientation will I need to get to your House since I do not know the area.
The orientation is a very important issue for humans and for animals, to be located geographically.
Case is that to do so effectively, the animals, for example, are guided by the smells, while both, the men we are guided by various means, including: the location of the Meridian or North South line, the location of Polaris or the Southern Cross, using a compass, by visual references and indications, from a globe or map, either, thanks to the benefits of the technology, through electronic devices, such as GPS which we located and tell us where we are.
On the other hand, is called orientation information, knowledge that is given to a person on an issue, and until then ignores it. Also you can try the Council supplied to someone about something so you can achieve it in correct and satisfactory manner. I'm going to ask my father-in-law about the tax burdens that have this business orientation. The guidance that my father gave me allowed me to pass the exam.
Also, the word is used as a synonym for trend. The governing party has a center-right orientation.
And on the other hand, the vocational guidance is a process through which professionals help youth discover their vocational inclination.

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