What is the meaning of Origin? Concept and Definition of Origin

Definition of origin


1. Concept of origin

With the word source refers to the beginning, to the root, first to the source or cause, where something has start. For example, the origin of human thinking is in their ability to reason.
The origin of the universe and of life is a matter of concern of the man from his appearance on Earth, giving two explanations: a creationist (the world, animate and inanimate beings, and man, are divine creation) and the theory of the big bang, as a creator of the universe, from an explosion; and the evolutionist, on the animated beings, produced by changes from inert matter, to the continuous adaptation of the species (theory of the origin of species, by Charles Darwin).
According to Greek mythology, the origin of the evils of the world was opening the case containing them, by Pandora, the first woman created by Zeus.
León Tolstoi wrote a story called "The origin of evil" where various animals and a hermit argue about the origin of evil, holding each of the animals which is hunger, love, anger, or fear. The hermit denies these claims and says that both hunger, love, anger and fear are originating in nature itself.
With all these examples, we can see that not all sources are easily identifiable, especially those who refer to the origin, nature and own emotions.
The term may also refer is origin, the place where someone was born, his country, his city and his province of origin.
Another meaning is the reference to the means of subsistence, or noble or Royal family of a person, determining, by this criterion, if it is noble, Royal, plebeian, wealthy or poor.
In geometry is designated as the source to the point where you start relating to a given point coordinates measurement, or the extension of a segment.

2. Meaning of origin

Terminology that comes from the latin origo and refers to any principle, home, birth or cause of a thing. Humanity has basically questioned two sources which until today continues investigating and do not end up resolved: the origin of the universe and the origin of man.
Modern Cosmology explains the origin of the universe as that moment in that from a big explosion (Big Bang), appeared all the matter and energy that we know of the universe. This theory is the most widely accepted by science and calculate that the universe can have arisen around 14 or 15 million year ago. In the Decade of the 1930s Hubble astronomer explained that the universe was expanding, phenomenon predicted by A. Einstein previously argued with his theory of relativity.
On the other hand, there have been various theories in reference to the origin of man and the species. Front of the origin of man proposed by the Christianity of the first beings on Earth composed of Adam and Eve, appeared the theory of Darwin who presented his theory on the evolution of the species. It was Darwin who proposed that it is nature itself which carries out a mechanism of natural selection which chooses those most suitable for survival populations and discards the least capable.
Another researcher who was interested in the origin and evolution of the species was Wallace, who deserves a similar theory to the Darwin carried out during the same period. Although Darwin was finally that presented a better argument on the theory and presented at the same time, greater number of observations.
His method of initial research was in the garden of his house and together with basic tools and very rudimentary methods, observing the evolution of plants to assemble their own conclusions and formulate his theories.

3. What is origin

The word origin is a term used Hyper extended in our language and that we use to indicate the beginning, birth, or the cause that triggers a fact or situation. The origin of your condition is clearly emotional.
For this sense of the word, it is recurrent synonym of principle, to be used as, the concept that directly opposes is the purpose, which implies the culmination, the finish of something.
But indicated is not the only use, but that there are others more and also popular.
The geographical territory from which proceeds an individual or one thing also we call it origin. The paste that we are going to eat is of Italian origin. Mario has a German origin through his father who was born in Germany.
In your application directly the Word helps you indicate the territory which is a native, natural a person. Synonym which is mainly used for this reference is that of nationality.
And also we use the word origin to designate the social economic context in which an individual is born. Laura is accommodated origin which allowed him access to an elite education. The concept of origin is most common for this sense synonymous while the offspring is its antonym, since it refers to the succession of sons and generations.
On the other hand, in the field of cosmology, the word origin has given special use that it is used to refer to the concept of the origin of the universe, a theme extensively addressed by this discipline. The origin of the universe is time, instantly, in which appeared the matter and energy that exists in the universe today. It should be noted that that source is due to an explosion that took place and is called big bang.
This fact would have realized about 13 million years ago.
Meanwhile, for the Christian religion, the word origin is linked and expresses that time in which there was nothing in the world and God created everything, including the man, of the same nothing.

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