What is the meaning of Honor? Concept and Definition of Honor

Definition, concept, meaning, what is Honor


1. Concept of Honor

The honor is a human attribute that is applied to those individuals who behave strictly according to the moral and social standards accepted and considered as correct in the community or society in which he lives. Mario never would accept a proposal of this kind, since it is a man who asserts his honor.
Also the word honor can be used as synonymous with good reputation, is to say, a company, a product, of which it is said they have honor, it is because behave successfully with your clients or because they comply with the conditions and characteristics that promote.
On the other hand, the word honor, at the behest of the more traditional morality, refers at the same time integrity and propriety in women. Or in the more conservative moral that a woman divorced in the pregnancy or to stop her husband by another man not be considered acts of honor, but on the contrary.
Also, in the current language, employ the word honour to account for that which we are extremely proud and satisfied, simply because they exceed expectations or purposes proposed. That my boss thought in me to lead the company year-end party is really an honor.
When he is a tribute to honor the memory of someone or a certain person who stood out to x situation said that honors have surrendered him.
Meanwhile, there are some very popular expressions containing the term honor such as: do the honors (involves the entertainment and very good way to the guests care when it is host) and to honor (when something stands).

2. Definition of Honor

The honor is the condition that causes an individual to act and behave in total harmony and accordance with the social and moral that is considered the most propitious and standards accepted by the society in which he lives. My brother is a person of honor, no way would take something that does not belong as their own.
On the other hand, the word honor is employed with recurrence in our language as a synonym of good reputation, i.e., we use it to mean just that. His ad honorem at the NGO work have not left him a major economic gain but yes brought him much honor among his peers.
Meanwhile, at the behest of the moral conservative, honour will mean honesty that someone holds, and decorum that presents a woman in their behavior, especially on those issues related to sex. Therefore, is that in this context it has been common for example you hear talk in terms of: atropellaste the honor of my sister with such behavior.
ALE mention that in this sense the honor that presents a woman is estimated at the same level as a virtue.
Also, we tend to use the word honor when we realize that by which a person feels extremely proud and until satisfied. I've taken into account to be part of this project is certainly an honor for me.
On the other hand, in the workplace or in the career of someone, honor will mean a better chance or a charge that has been longing for from long ago. So, then, a person who wants to achieve a rise work hard in this respect with the Mission of getting the honour in question.
And also, the honor can be the homage that is taxed a person, either to honor his life, his work, or any contribution that has made to society.

3. Meaning of Honor

The honor is an abstract concept which involves a certain amount of dignity and respect to the person who possesses it. In theory, is assigned to individuals a certain value and status on the basis of an honor that is obtained through the harmony of the so-called codes of honor.
For some people, however, the honor can be classified into several different types. In the dictionary of the English language of Dr. Samuel Johnson, published in 1755, the honor is divided into several classes, being the first one that describes the honor that is obtained through virtuous conduct and integrity of the individual. On the other hand, Johnson also spoke of the honor that is related to the reputation and fame, which can be obtained by birth and that serves nothing more than to place the individual in a social stratum, so it is not necessarily linked to moral excellence or ethics.
In the medieval period, the honor was playing an important role in social relations. However, for a long time it had a different meaning from the present, referring to lands or property that a person possessed. Well, its a person said or did something to putting his honor of through, not only indicated that he was putting at stake their ethical and moral integrity, but also the fact that the person was ready to offer their property as a guarantee.
Today, the concept of honor has lost importance over time, still very relevant in the majority of Western cultures. In the individual context, we could say that it has been replaced by the concept of consciousness, and in the social, by the laws and the rights and obligations which they are specified. However, even her emphasis is certain in institutions as army.