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1. Concept of Mormon

Mormonism is a Christian sect founded in the United States in the year 1830, and mormon is his follower or faithful, who profess such beliefs, aimed at restoring the truths of Christ, expressed in the Gospel, and marred after the passage of time.
Joseph Smith, found, hidden on Earth, by indication of the angel Moroni "The book of mormon", based on the revelations that God and his son, brought him to their prayers in pursuit of the truth, which was inspired by the Epistles of James, in a place that is known today as "Sacred Grove" in a New York forest.
Joseph was just 14 years old at that time, and a great confusion in the amount of churches that born of the Protestant movement, made that the young man did not know which was the religion that identified him.
Next to the text it found two stones that helped him to decipher what the Golden book said, and then it returned it to the angel, that never could be confirmed its existence, except by faith.
This book along with the Bible and two books "Doctrine" and "Assemblies" make up his doctrine. Smith founded the first LDS Church, on April 6, 1830, with the name of Church of Jesucristo of the saints of the last day, name with which the faithful are recognized (saints of the last day), even though people call them generally, Mormons, in reference to his Prophet.
They believe in the millenarianism or chiliasm, which is that Christ will return to Earth to combat and eradicate evil, ruling for a thousand years, before the Final judgment. This is based on the book of revelation. Tolerance and work are among the most highly valued virtues.
Polygamy was accepted by Smith and came to have 46 wives, and therefore suffer the prison. He was killed in 1844.
To Smith's death, his followers, Mormons settled, led by Brigham Young, (who also practiced polygamy) in UTA, which was founded in 1847, SALT Lake City. Polygamy in the Group was abolished in 1890.

2. Definition of Mormon

A mormon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day. While they are known popularly known as Mormons (due to one of the Scriptures that use called the book of Mormon), the name by which they are identified is "latter-day Saints" or "SUD". Mormons, according to how they are known today, there are since 1830, when the Church of Jesus Christ SUD was established as a religious organization.
As indicated by the name of the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day, faith Mormons focuses on Jesus Christ and his worship is to God the father in the name of the son. The father is considered as being loving and just, that wish to guide their children to return to live with him in a Heavenly Kingdom, and Jesus Christ, as being that he gave his life for human beings, so that they may repent of their sins and be clean to go to the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and men. Also believe in the Holy Spirit, as the being which enables the communication between the father and his sons, who reveals the truth of all things and who guide the men to do good. They believe that both the father and the son have bodies of flesh and bones, but perfect, while the Holy Spirit is a spiritual being that his influence can dwell in people.
Mormons also believe in the Plan of salvation. This is that all human beings lived before God in a pre-Earth life. There would have been only spirits but God, with a tangible body, wanted to be like him, so he devised a plan. Those who accepted that plan would be sent to Earth to get a body and face different experiences that would make them grow and improve. Those who did not accept, that would be one-third of the spirit children of God, would have been expelled from this place along with Satan, without the possibility of a body or earthly experiences. Once on the ground, people must act by faith and follow the commandments of God to return to his Kingdom, but this time as perfect beings. That would be met through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ which gives the resurrection, with perfect and immortal bodies, and forgiveness, if people play their part.
Very important are also the prophets for the mormon. It would be the men chosen by God, to act on their behalf and teach people. To do so, the priesthood, which is the power and authority that God must have given the man to act on their behalf. The first Adam, and later others like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc. The prophetic function would have continued up to Jesus Christ and the Apostles who were persecuted and killed. At that time, Dios would have removed his authority, because of the sins of the people. Spiritual darkness would have continued until in 1820, God would call José Smith as a new Prophet, after centuries without them, and would have given him the authority to restore the primitive Church of Jesus Christ, prophets and Apostles. To date there have been 16 prophets from José Smith; the current Prophet and President of the LDS Church is Thomas S. Monson, two counselors and 12 Apostles.
A mormon is governed by the teaching of the prophets, past and present, and also four books considered sacred: the Bible, the book of Mormon, doctrine and covenants and the Pearl of great price. All of them, the book of Mormon is that most represents them, although they believe that all of these books are one single. For them, the book of Mormon is the key to their religion, proving the veracity of the LDS Church as the Church directed by Jesus Christ today. In fact, constantly invite everyone to read the book and ask God himself if that book is true through prayer.
Mormons gather on Sundays, which is the day of rest. On this day, they try to devote their actions to God, attending Church, performing service, sharing as family, visiting the sick, etc. Every Sunday they perform the sacrament, recalling Jesus Christ with bread and water. The sacrament is the main thing all day resting and preparing all week to participate in it with dignity.
The dignity of the so called SUD, obtained by fulfilling the commandments. In addition to the 10 commandments, the most characteristic commands that follow are: the word of wisdom, commandment given in the doctrine and covenants revelation to the Prophet José Smith, who teaches that the body is a temple of God and therefore avoid all impure and substance harmful to the body as the cigar, alcohol, coffee, tea and harmful drugs. In addition, they promote sport and good sleep. It is also the payment of tithes, commandment given in Malachi 3:8-11, which teaches to give 10% of the income of a person. This money is that used for the construction of shrines and temples, its maintenance, the different materials used and give Tithing should not be occupied by any member of the Church, whether leading or not, since that constitutes serious misconduct that requires excommunication. To help people in need, the Mormons fast once a month, abstaining from all solid and liquid food for 24 hours. In addition to fasting, is given an offering of fast equivalent to what the person saved to the fast or what you want to give. Fasts, tithing and other offerings are made privately with the local leader. Also, it is very important to Mormons, support their Governments and the laws of their respective countries.
Finally, something that characterizes the mormon is marriage. He is considered the most sacred commandment, which allows them to reach the top after this life. To do this, Mormons are living the law of chastity, which teaches not to have sexual relations outside of marriage legal links. Furthermore, they see no pornography or participate in any activity that promotes sexuality before marriage or with others with whom they are not married. After a civil marriage, Mormons are a very sacred ceremony that takes place at the temples, which are the most sacred buildings to the South. The marriage is sealed in the temple for eternity, to find after the death. One of the most powerful Mormon teachings is to strengthen the family. They believe that it is the pillar of society and the best shelter from evil. Therefore, they usually perform prayers as family, read the Scriptures together and make many activities such as the"home", which held each Monday or a once a week, to talk, teach each other, cooking, fun, etc.
The mormon, or latter-day Saints, believes in baptism by immersion, i.e., plunging into the water, from the age of 8 years. Normally, meetings or shrines, centres are equipped with baptismal font where the ceremony takes place. Currently, more than 13 million people are Mormons, i.e. belong to the LDS Church's Jesucristo, distributed in almost all countries of the world.

3. Meaning of Mormon

The movement of the latter day Saints, is a Christian religious group of restorationist type. Its members ensure that they accept the teachings of Jesus Christ, as they were restored by Joseph Smith (son). The Bible, the book of Mormon, doctrine and covenants and the Pearl of great price, form the basis of his doctrine these last two texts based on the revelations of his Prophet.


Jesus the Church of Christ of the saints of the latter day members are popularly known as Mormons, because of the more well known of their sacred writings (book of Mormon); Although, the name with which they themselves are identified is that of "latter-day Saints". Cultural, religious, and ideological aspects of that Church and very rarely other groups in the movement, usually known as Mormonism. The mormon.org website and its other domains, for example, are property of Jesus the Church of Christ of the saints of the last day. In 2004 the Church headquartered in Salt Lake City, got successfully register the term Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ in English in the United States. UU.

Brief history

According to this religious tradition, after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the death of the Apostles, and to organized persecution and hostility from within the Roman Empire, the Church that Christ had established, quickly began to change, and to the fourth century, little resembled the original church of Christ. The death of the Apostles and the loss of the revelation in the Church followed a long period called "the great apostasy", understanding during that period of time lost the truths of the Evangelio.4
In the spring of 1820, in the United States of America, a 14-year-old named Joseph Smith, confused by the amount of religious groups that had at that time, decided to ask God (through prayer) to that group should join. As a result of his prayer Dios Padre and his son Jesus Christ appeared to him in a glorious appearance, in a place that the latter-day Saints called "The sacred Grove", which launched the events that would lead to what they have given to call the "restoration" of the old church of Jesus Christ on Earth.
Joseph Smith was born in 1805, in Sharon, Vermont, in the northeast of the United States. Later be moved with his family to Palmyra, New York, rural community where, in 1820, there was a religious awakening. Confused by the conflicting claims of various religions, Joseph went to the Bible in search of spiritual guidance, and there he found what he considered a challenge: the "ask God" for itself (see in Santiago 1:5).
Latter-day Saints declare to the whole world that in a forest in Palmyra, New York (which is now called: sacred Grove) near the family farm, Joseph knelt to pray, and there, in that place section, God and his son Jesus Christ appeared to the young and instructed. He is commanded to not join any churches that existed and was told that Dios would restore to Earth the Church Jesucristo originally organized with all their truths and the authority of the priesthood. Ten years later, after a series of revelations and apparitions to Joseph Smith and others, the Church of Christ was organized, officially on April 6, 1830, in Fayette, New York.

First vision

16 [...] I saw a column of light, brighter than the Sun, directly above my head; and this light gradually descended to rest on me.
17. Not well he appeared, I felt free of the enemy which I had fastened. Stand light on me, I saw in the air on top of me to two characters, whose glare and glory not supported description. One of them spake unto me, calling me by my name and said, pointing to the other: this is my beloved son: hear it!
Throughout his life, José Smith shared and subsequently wrote repeatedly about an experience in his youth, which saw God the father and Jesus Christ, as separate beings, who informed him that the true Church was lost, and it would be restored through him, and who would be given authority to organize and lead the true Church of Christ. José Smith and Oliver Cowdery, assert that the angels John the Baptist and the Apostles Peter, James and John visited them in 1829 giving them authority to restore the Church of Christ (John the Baptist conferred upon them the Aaronic Priesthood or minor and Peter, James and John gave them the Melchizedek priesthood or greater)

Official organization

This movement began with a small number of believers in Western New York towns: Fayette, Manchester, and Colesville, called "Church of Christ". The Church was organized on April 6, 1830 as a legal institution under the name Church of Christ. Already to 1834, the early publications of the Church referred it as the "Church of the saints of the latter day", and in 1838 Joseph Smith announced that he had received a revelation which officially the name was change to Jesus the Church of Christ of the saints of the last day, hence the name of the Church to be given by revelation of GodHe is considered sacred.

The book of Mormon

The following visions indicated José Smith where to find a few ancient records written on gold plates, containing an historical compendium of the "ancient America". Such compendium stated that a prophet named Mormon had body, towards the year 344, records of the descendants of a group of immigrants from Israel who had come sailing to America 600 years before Christ and which had given rise in whole or in part by Amerindian villagers found there by later settlers.
Smith said that Moroni, son of Mormon, then hid the plates in a hill, currently known as the Hill Cumorah, in the State of New York, and added that in 1823, the own Moroni, in the form of angel, appeared to him to tell him where the plates were hidden and that God wanted you to translate them. The book also includes the story concerning the visit made by Jesús from Nazareth to the American continent after his resurrection. The book was published for the first time as the book of Mormon in 1830 to 1886 in Spanish and English.


End of the Decade of 1830, William Law and other of the latter day Saints in positions of leadership, publicly accused Joseph Smith of being a false prophet, resulting in a dissent in the Church. Many of these people later returned to the Church under the leadership of Joseph. Others formed new churches around other leaders.
After the assassination of Joseph Smith at the hands of the mob in Carthage, Illinois, some members with prominence in the Church claimed to be the legitimate successor to Smith, resulting in a succession crisis, much of the Quorum of the twelve apostles of the Church by divine revelation was called as a prophet Brigham Young; While several groups apostatized and divided creating their churches based on their own beliefs as well. The crisis gave rise to several permanent dissensions, as well as the occasional formation of small religious denominations, some of which have ceased to exist.

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