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Definition of newspaper

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1. Concept of newspaper

Newspaper is a word that comes from periodĭcus, a term from the Latin language. The concept is used to name to something that is reiterated with a certain regularity or who keeps a certain period. For example: "Frost is periodic phenomenon in this region of the country", "I'm fed up with periodic attacks of this man", "Denounced that the Government offers periodic payments to journalists who write notes in his favor".
The notion of newspaper is also used to name the publication which is published and distributed regularly. In general, newspaper is used as a synonym for daily although the precise meaning of this second term refers to publications that are distributed every day: "I'm going to buy the newspaper while you prepare the breakfast," "have ever read the newspaper? There was an earthquake in Asia","the footballer denied the statements attributed to him in the newspaper".
Newspapers belong to what is known as print media. The printing press allows the mass reproduction of these publications that normally reach the readers first thing in the morning, so they can be informed to start the day. There are newspapers, however, appearing in the afternoon and that are referred to as the evening.
In the field of mathematics, a periodic number is one that has a period. This particularity refers to indefinite numbers repeat as new decimal are obtained. An example of regular number is the result of 1 divided 9: 0,111111...

2. Meaning of newspaper

The newspaper is one of the currently most important communication media, especially in the last years that, with the assimilation of the supports internet tecnointelogicos has managed to reap even more followers. The newspaper gets its name precisely from its main feature: the fact that is published at regular intervals of time. It is most common for a newspaper is currently being published on a daily basis, i.e. every day with new information. However, some more specialized or professional areas newspapers can be published biweekly or monthly, so also depending on the needs of the public or of the type of information published.
It is undeniable that the newspaper is one of the forms of most important communication that exists today. This is so since the presence of information of all kinds makes media creditors the possibility of disseminating the information or data that more suitable create, without this necessarily implying missing is the truth. Newspapers are also one of the more accessible forms having most of society access to that information that otherwise would be only handled by intellectual or political officials.
Newspapers have lived in recent decades some radical changes, especially with regard to the acceptance of the innovative technological media such as internet. Through them have been able to reach even more people and maintain a pace of updating data much more intense that before (still today impossible to wait for another day to meet News).
The interesting thing about newspapers is that when we talk of a more or less complex society, we can find different types of newspapers that give the profile of particular social groups, groups of age of geographic regions, work activities, specific sports, international interests, entertainment or politics.

3. What newspaper

The newspaper Word is employed in our language to refer several issues, though, undoubtedly, one of the most widespread uses we give is to refer to that publication that has informative features and which is published daily. The most popular synonym for this word is daily.
However, is it worth clarifying which although journal and newspaper are used by many interchangeably, not refer the same, given that diary is an informative publication that is published on a daily basis, i.e., every day, while the newspaper implies certain regularity in the publication. The right thing would be that it be applied to those publications that have a periodicity monthly, weekly, among other alternatives.
Meanwhile, both publications, newspaper and journal, belong to the group which is referred to as print media, since they consist of publications, such as they are distinguished by the periodicity that present.
Both newspaper and journal exist since the very emergence of the printing press, back in the 15th century, invention which by the way would greatly extend to these publications. On the other hand, and for that matter were the first expressions of the exercise of journalism and mass media.
Currently, the newspaper and the newspaper are sold in specialized sales jobs, also can be received from subscription; and how it could be otherwise at the escalation of internet, all newspapers and journals have a digital version which can be accessed via the web.
Noteworthy is the newly mentioned reference originated in other uses of the word, which is the one that allows us to see that happening every certain period of time either which is reiterated a given regular. Since I accident me I make periodic visits to the orthopedic surgeon to treat leg mobility.
The most used words as synonyms for this term are: regular and habitual.
In mathematics, we also find a meaning for the word, since he appoints to the number whose fraction decimal will be repeated on a regular basis. That is, periodic issue features a period.
And in physics, is designated as a newspaper to the phenomenon that is made up of phases characterized by repeated regularly and permanently.

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