What is the meaning of Pajama? Concept and Definition of Pajama

Definition of Pajamas

Pijama – Definición de Pijama, Concepto de Pijama, Significado de Pijama

1. Concept of Pajamas

Or your night clothes or Pajamas (from the English pyjamas, which in turn comes from the hindi pā [e] ǧāma, and East of the Persian pā [and] ǧāme, leg garment) is a piece of clothing. Use it for those who prefer not to lie down in their underwear. It tends to be made up of two parts; a top and pants, although there also are one piece.

2. Meaning of Pajamas

The Pajamas, also known as pajamas, is that clothes used to sleep. The term arose in the Persian language, then became a hindi and finally arrived at the English pyjamas, which was adapted into Spanish.
Usually Pajama consists of trousers with an upper garment, like a jacket. Typically, Pajama is drawn with lightweight fibers, so the person does not feel heat when lying down and is comfortable. There are, however, summer pajamas and pyjamas of winter, according to the material used.
Summer Pajamas usually have a bermuda or shorts and a t-shirt (t-shirt). Winter pajamas, on the other hand, always present a long pants. In some cases, pajamas can be one whole piece.
Although it is a garment of widespread use, there are people who don't use pajamas. Many people prefer to sleep in clothes inside or even naked, since they appeal to bedding (sheets, blankets, etc.) in the event of a cold feeling in the middle of the night. There are also those who use old clothes to sleep.
It is important to note that it is possible to speak of "the Pajama" or "Pajama" depending on the country. In South America and Spain, the concept is used in the masculine: "Look at the Pajamas he gave me Uncle Luis for my birthday", "I have to wash the Pajama: I dropped coffee over it". In other Latin American countries, on the other hand, is often used notion in feminine: "I want to sleep but I can't find the pyjamas", "that you Pajamas girl".

3. What is Pajama

It was a Sunday in his pajamas.

Sunday is the day of rest for excellence. The fact that shops are closed makes that schedules are in the background and only "obligation" is going out to buy bread and newspaper; with the discovery of the bread mold and the possibility of reading newspapers on the internet, even that has been in the background.
Is for this reason that one of the pleasures of the seventh day of the week is the go in pajamas for several hours, beyond what is strictly the enclosure of the bedroom. And this is when comes into play the various possibilities offered by existing market pajamas.
There is a wide variety of designs for pajamas and would be long a classification exact of each of them, although my favorite could be classified into one of these categories:
-Hello Kitty Pajamas: is used in women, both in their version of summer (short) and its winter version (long). The summer tends to be spaghetti or normal shirt with short pants, which is always red. Hello Kitty figure is reserved for a great picture in the middle of the shirt. Innocent, perfect Pajamas for girls and girls that are good. If it is winter, it is a t-shirt long sleeves and long pants. It can also be pink. Simple and posh at the same time.
-Betty Boop pajamas. Exclusively female, the Pajamas of the character of the Talkartoon series is much more daring than the Hello Kitty. It combines the colours black, red and white and its main feature, in their version of summer, are fine and tiny straps shirt. Pant is also shorter than usual and will be black or red. The figure of Betty is placed in the central part of the shirt. Suggestive pajamas, when their owners put it and live as a couple are sending signals to the other user's bedroom. If it is not Betty Boop but it has the same characteristics, it serves the same function. Extremely sexy.
-Striped Pajamas: typical male winter flannel pajamas, with dark colors (could be Navy Blue) with vertical stripes of a colour contrasting with the base color. The top is style shirt with buttons in the front. Classic Pajama.
-Flea market Pajamas: Pajamas is that all have received some year as gift of the Magi. It is not pretty, but is comfortable and we got him affection. Its design is very simple: pants and long sleeve of the same color. Shirt has a few drawings in the Center giving a bit of colorful costumes. The drawings can be infinite, from cars, to baseball players, through monsters or stars. It may also be that shirt and trousers are of different color and that's where comes the designers taste for fashion; so we understand, gray pants and orange shirt is not glamour, but of course, a gift the Magi leave you nor should be demanding to go to fashion. But what makes special pyjamas of flea market is your size. The designer of these Pajamas do not understand size S, M, L or XL, he understands only size large or small. Everything makes me think that it took Pau Gasol and Joselito models; only you so would understand that the Pajamas that brought me the Kings I'm going big on all four sides. I believe that they must think that I can still paste the lug...
-Pijama glamourosa: Jesus é o pijama que você comprou pessoalmente para que a moda é importante ou se precisa de você quando você sair com seu parceiro e vai de férias para um hotel. Se é a segunda razão é um absurdo, porque toda a gente sabe quando um casal vai de férias ou fim de semana em um hotel do pijama ou você não conseguir, ou você dura apenas 60 segundos desde. A qualidade deste pijama é que possa perfeitamente ser confundido por um fato de treino. A típica garota são cinza, com alguns detalhes na frente do branco que o toque de glamour. Não tem botão para qualquer site. Denotando a classe e elegância.
-Fotos pijama: fotos típicas de pijamas masculinas e femininas, cuja camisa é botões como se fosse um americano. Às vezes as mulheres combinam calças fotos com uma camisa branca de cintas largas, que lhe confere um toque usar roupas provocantes.
-Pijama para seu time de futebol: você tem que ser muito freake vestindo um pijama do Barça ou Real Madrid. E você tem que ser freake danado para fazer em um par um do barco e outra de Madrid, tendo sua equipe do pijama e que colocá-lo na mesma noite. Quando isso ocorre ele se qualifica como "Night of Champions".
-Hearts Pajamas: exclusive to the female gender. Its main feature is that it has hearts, thousands of hearts, tens of thousands of hearts, both the pants and shirt. Its owner is a cheesy from head to toe, admirer of Valentine's day and woman in love with Alejandro Sanz and David Bustamante. It is typical that likes to sleep hugging your partner when she knows perfectly well that he what he wants is sleep quietly in your side of the bed; as soon as he sees her wearing the Pajamas already know that that night your partner want cinema. Fortunately it is a pyjama endangered.
-T-shirt gift for the fifth anniversary of Disco: is the typical cotton t-shirt white silk screen Panel that you got when you went to the Club which celebrated its anniversary. It is comfortable, you have affection and you usually use it to sleep when you're single and combined with any pants. When you're going to live as a couple you stop using it because I embarrassed you put it but it gives a penalty throw it away and keep it in the drawer. It is your fetish t-shirt. If one day looking for it and can't find it, you take an anger of the fifteen.
Whatever it was, what matters is not the costume, but the comfort and relaxation (or company, as you look at it).

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