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1. Concept of Pique

Pique is a concept with multiple uses according to the geographical region. The term may be linked to sink into the water. For example: "After shock, the boat went to pique in a few minutes", "I never thought that the boat could go down", "If the phone you drop to the Lake, going to pique and you does not make it".
The notion of pique may also refer to the success of fishing: If someone says "there pique" in a lagoon, will be saying that it is likely to capture examples through fishing: "the pique of the week has been very good in the spring", "I spent several hours on the boat, but there was no pique," "pique in this river usually scarce".
In another sense, pique can be the acceleration or the trouble: "I arrived early because I was to the resentments on the highway", "front pique was not enough and the ball was lost by the bottom line", "you could go slower? I don't understand why you like driving to the sprints".
Pique, on the other hand, is the rivalry, resentment or animosity that stems from a discussion a confrontation: "from the birthday party that chop between Carlos and Javier", "coach confessed that there is pique between several of their players", "There will be no problems since there is no pique among us".
With accent on the letter E (pique), the term is used to name a kind of tissue that develops with cotton yarn. Pique, finally, is the surname of a footballer of FC Barcelona who had a son with the singer Shakira.

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