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1. Concept of  Pyrrhic

A Pyrrhic victory is that which is achieved with many losses in the camp apparently or tactically winner, so even such victory may prove to be unfavorable for the side.
The name comes from Pyrrhus, King of Epirus, who managed a victory over the Romans at the cost of thousands of his men. It is said that Pirro, to contemplate the outcome of the battle, said "another victory like this and will only return home" (Greek: Ἂν ἔτι μίαν μάχην νικήσωμεν, ἀπολώλαμεν).
In popular culture
The film by Kevin Reynolds 187, has among its reasons the sense of this phrase. Literally the phrase is given to understand in this way: "so now, when someone says that something is a Pyrrhic victory, they want to say that it is a victory won at excessive cost."

2. Definition of  Pyrrhic

Pyrrhic is an adjective that is derived from a Greek word. The term is associated with Pirro, a monarch who ruled the State of Epiro between 302 and 307 and 297 BC 272 BC
From this King, the Pyrrhic adjective that can describe different situations or entities was developed. On the one hand, we can speak of the Pyrrhic military, referring to the soldiers who were under the command of Pirro.
Army, on one occasion, managed to impose on the battlefield to the Romans, but thousands of losses suffered. Therefore, over time, began talking about Pyrrhic victory to refer to the triumph that's hard or, even, causing more damage to who is winning that to the defeated. The wars that took place between 280 and 275 BC and which featured the Pyrrhic military as a participant are known as Pyrrhic wars.
One can speak of the Pyrrhic victory of a football team, for example, if the set in question wins a match, but ends with two players expelled and injured three. The term Pyrrhic will be linked to that, at the next meeting, the Assembly will be without five players.
Also speaks of something Pyrrhic when got goal does not have much value or seem insignificant if you consider the effort invested: "I harvested apples for two months from sunrise to sunset and received a Pyrrhic pay", "two years ago that I am working on this project: not gonna settle for a Pyrrhic recognition".

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