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Screen definition

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1. Concept of screen

The etymology of the screen is not clear. Experts believe that it comes from the catalan screen, which arose from the combination of pampol and ventalla.
In our language, the term has several uses. It is used to name the canvas on which a special artifact is responsible for projecting certain images and the device that, in the field of computer science and technology, allows the display of data.
For example: "I do not see anything: screen is very dirty", "I want to sit in the first rows because, if I was back, the highest people flip me screen", "When my are Maradona sees on the screen, starts to shout and sing".
However, in the film world is also used the term we are looking at. In particular at that screen concept is used to refer to the white surface and large that exists in different theaters on which there are the movies.
In this regard, it should be emphasized that it is used the expression big screen to refer to the world of cinema in general, while when there is talk of small screen is being made mention of what is the world of television.
The concept can be used as a synonym for monitor in regards to computers. Screen, connected to the video card and through some program, displays the results derived from processing tasks that makes the computer. Technological evolution has allowed to go from monochrome screens to the current capable of displaying millions of colors.
Today, most computer monitors and televisions have flat-screen due to elimination of cathode ray tubes. Flat screens are the screens of liquid crystal (LCD display) and plasma screens: "my father gave me a LCD display to see the world", "I want to buy a big screen to enjoy the home theater, although I do not decide between plasma and LCD".
In addition to the foregoing so far, it is interesting to mention an existing expression that is used in the world of business and the law. In particular, we are referring to the verbal phrase: company screen. This terminology that is used to define all that company that apparently has a legal form but that actually develops actions of illegal type.
For this reason, it can be said that a company of this class which makes is to function as a cover for illegal activities, crimes and money laundering. And all this is done, for example, through the realization of false invoices.
This terminology has especially Tan to date in Spain as a result of the discovery of the Noos case, where the son-in-law of King Juan Carlos I (Iñaki Urdangarín) is involved. And it is that this is accused of diverting public funds through a company like that you have mentioned above.
Screen, by last, is the blade that is installed around an artificial source of lighting to guide the light or to avoid damaging this vision; the enclosure that sits in front of a fireplace to protect themselves from excessive heat; and the man who physically or metaphorically, hides another.

2. Meaning of screen

It refers to the blade any material and form, which is placed before or around the artificial light, so that it not hurt the eyes in the direction that you want to. It is a term found in electronics which are used for the generic designation of a surface where an image can become visible.
This may occur by the reflection of a beam of incident light (film screening), light emission of fluorescent substances to be exitadas by an electronic flow (radar, television, oscilloscope, etc.), by a certain type of radiation (x rays), by the emission of light of a certain kind of diodes (LED) to be excited by an electric current, or the change in reflectivity undergoing some organic liquids from nature almost Crystal (LCD), under the influence of an electric field.
In the cinema, is the backdrop in which images are projected. It is usually constituted by netting or material containing rubber, perforated by thousands of small holes to allow the diffusion of sound. Large size as is the case with the cinerama, consist of a large number of tapes set vertically, that seen from a distance give the impression of a slightly concave piece.
The home use usually consist of a surface covered with a multitude of microscopic crystal ball, which reflect the light received with much more force.
Today we observe an increase in the use of LCDs, those in which the cathode ray tube have been replaced by a liquid crystal plate. While energy consumption is almost zero does not emit radiation and are much more manageable, its costs remain higher than traditional screens.
LCD screens also allow reducing the space occupied by the display system and enables, thanks to its low weight, the full mobility of the same.

3 What is screen

The word screen has an extended usage in our language and is used to refer to various issues.
But undoubtedly the use we give you more is to designate a part of a TV, monitor, personal computer, cell phone or other electronic devices that allows us to view images, texts, among other situations and things.
In this sense we can find different types of display such as: flat-screen (characterized by just flat format; it is common in televisions and computers), LED display (they are also common in computers and teves and stands out by being composed of leds), liquid crystal display (is a type that is characterized by thin, flat and consists of a number of pixels)(both in color and monochrome, arranged against a light source) and touchscreen (allows you to manipulate the appliance in question or enter data through touch contact directly on its surface, the majority of smart phones, Ipods and tablets used it), among others.
On the other hand, to screen is also that sheet which is available before or around to beam of artificial light with a mission to alleviate it.
Also, call screen surface on which are projected images, films, among other content.
On the other hand, when it is necessary to protect a thing of action something, such is the case of noise, heat or radiation, used a few screens or sheeting to do so, also called screens.
The colloquial use of the media, it speaks of screen to designate everything involves television and cinema scene. The big screen of Argentina is not to venture into these costs.
And in the current language, it is also common that we use the word to refer to a person or thing that makes the screen times shadow of another and thus allows to hide it. Mario is a display of Laura, because in reality she goes out with her boss.

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