What is the meaning of Acclimatization? Concept and Definition of Acclimatization

What is the Meaning of Acclimatization?

Through the term acclimation is possible to express the action of adaptation that suffers from an organic to a climate change or failing to new conditions of life imposed on him being. That is, acclimation for the organism in question involve an adaptation of type physiological as a result of the changes that occur in their environment, and of course, they are closely linked to the question of climate.

Note that the acclimatization process usually lasts a short period of time within the life of the body that corresponds, meanwhile, can result from a particular situation or even be part of a cycle that will be repeated whenever it is necessary. The clearest examples of this mentioned above include the change of fur that suffer some mammals when it is bequeathing the winter or also the fall of hair when you are in a certain phase of the year.
On the other hand, in the case of plants, there are also acclimation when the circumstances of the environment thus demand it, as for example those plants living in desert areas of characteristics tend to store water in their leaves so that when the water this mine not the survival of the plant because it in effect has a reserve that will allow you to continue living.
Meanwhile, humans are not exempt from the acclimatization and this is very visible especially in the early years of the person's life because it is usual that baby require adaptation time when he takes it to a new environment. Parents who are its primary referents must accompany the to so successfully in the interaction with a new context.
Without a doubt the acclimatization process is a feature hyper positive for the survival of human beings and also for his successful tenure in the environment that are.
The concept of acclimatization has several synonyms, even though that most used instead is adaptation. The adaptation, on the other hand, is a process that like acclimation allowing adjustment or accommodation of an organism to another, to a circumstance or anything else.

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