What is the meaning of Ambition? Concept and Definition of Ambition

What is the Meaning of Ambition?

Ambition is the intense desire of the individual to achieve the goals proposed. For some, it's a desire to almost always reserved to material wealth, respect, power and the recognition or fame. However, depending on the context in which it is used, the Word can acquire both negative and positive connotations.

In a positive context, ambition can be understood as the desire to Excel above the rest with a constant self-improvement. It is, therefore, set goals and work steadily to reach them. A person with ambitious goals is then that not only have a goal or objective established, but it also has the level of motivation and confidence needed to achieve it.
In this sense, the level of ambition of a person can be decisive at the time show that so far you get in life. An ambitious person, for example, can set up goals even though they are complicated or very long-term, and is able to be patient and give all that is necessary to get it. For this reason, people with a high level of ambition tend to be more prone to ascend in the labour hierarchy , having higher income or better students, by saying something.
On the contrary, a person without much ambition can comply more easily with what you already have, there is not a desire to intense for more or be better.
In a negative context, the word ambition can use to describe those people who postpone their desires to the welfare of others or even laws or moral norms. In this case, ambition ceases to be beneficial to the harm to third parties. Additionally, with this connotation, the Word also functions as a synonym for greed or selfishness.

Definition of Ambition y Meaning of Ambition

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