What is the meaning of Jaw? Concept and Definition of Jaw

What is the Meaning of Jaw?

Capseum is the Latin word that led to jaw, a term of our language that can be used with reference to different issues. Jaw, for example, is the name given to each jaw of a vertebrate animal.

The jaw, in this sense, is a bone which is part of the mouth and in which the teeth are. It is a flat and dense bone that looks like Horseshoe.
A person can suffer various disorders in the jaw: problems in the joints and ligaments, even lock unless subject achieves opening or closing the mouth normally.
There is, on the other hand, a musical percussion instrument which is also known as jaw. His name is because it is made with the jawbone of a horse, a cow or a donkey. So it can be used as an instrument, the maxilla is boiled and dries to make molar teeth to become loose and thus there is a castaneteo or a vibration.
The jaw can touch with shots of Palm or rubbing a stick in your teeth. In various traditional dances of Latin America used to accompany a melody and rhythm .
Jaw, also known in this case as charcha or tapapecho, is a cut of beef or pork. It is fleshy and muscular part close to the mentioned bone. This cut of meat are made different recipes that, with proper preparation, it is juicy and tender. The jaw is used, for example, to elaborate stews .

Definition of Jaw y Meaning of Jaw

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