What is the meaning of Mourning? Concept and Definition of Mourning

What is the Meaning of Mourning?

Throughout our life will pass many people: that belong to our family, friends, acquaintances and others who we will not remember ever. The importance of this fact is that all, to a greater or lesser extent, will bring us something that will take us to complete our way of being, of understanding life, the way we feel, talk, interact with other people, etc.

From one vital point, we will be more aware of the importance of the people and what they mean to us. We involve ourselves in the lives of some of them and will form an important part of our. But in the same way that are important in our lives, may disappear.
When someone is no longer is a difficult time, it is a moment in which we lose something. We're not talking about death, also. We are talking about personal losses that are important to us, as individuals. You can be a friend, a partner, a family member, someone special. These losses created a vacuum because we always think that they will be there, and warning or not, out of our lives.
It is in those moments when it is important to decelerate, stop, stand, and think about the importance of the mourning.
Mourning do not understand them how the traditional way: cry, go mourning, locked in a room and disappear from the Earth. No I'm talking about changing the way to approach it.
The mourning are personal and must treat them as such. The importance we give to a person who was our friend and ceases to be what, a couple who a family member who dies, leaving us, such losses make us spend different mourning. We live in a society where image is important and when we lose someone must give an image of sadness determined during a short period of time.
Once we lose that someone that has been important in our life, it is important to go through a period of mourning. It is important to rediscover ourselves and think about how we are, what is for us the loss of this person, the consequences of the loss of the same and, above all, accept the loss and gradually pass that mourning.
I think that the main mistake is to believe that we have to be well already. Each person is unique, different and, precisely for this reason, need a different time period. We are sure that someone will ask: would one day, two, lifetime? No matter the time. The essence of mourning is to start slowly and take that loss in a way positive.
I am not saying that we should not be sad. What I am saying is that, although sadness overwhelm us, care must be taken that each passing day we have a moment of happiness, smile and positivity, trying to increase every day until we feel that we can stay with the best and leave the mourning behind.
No one says that it is quick and easy, but what is certain is that if we assume the acceptance that the person is no longer, it will be better. The negative is recreation in the loss and refusing to want to be better.
The importance of mourning is that in addition to help us, make us know us better.

Definition of Mourning y Meaning of Mourning

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