What is the meaning of Stillness? Concept and Definition of Stillness

What is the Meaning of Stillness?

Stillness is a term that comes from quietūdo, a Latin word. The concept is used to name what does not move and, therefore, is in a State of rest.
For example: "the stillness of the sea invites you to navigate", "I can't stand the stillness of people that have a problem and does nothing to solve it", "It is a very quiet town, though the stillness may bore some people".

The stillness can have a dye positive or negative according to the context. In general, is associated to the peace and quiet. In this sense, people tend to find stillness when they need rest or relax, since it is away from the stress and the problems of modern life.
In other cases, on the other hand, the stillness is linked to the lack of action or activity, a matter that may be damaging. If a politician speaks of "stillness of the tourist market", to quote a possibility, will be making reference to activity is not recorded in the sector and, therefore, not produced income.
An immersed in the quiet individual, on the other hand, may be suffering a depressive well. Usually it is expected that the people are in motion, both physical and mental: a subject should go to work or study, have social life, have projects to develop, etc. If, on the other hand, it stays all day lying down, without leaving your home, you are in a State of stillness that is not healthy.

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