Tourism in Dalian China

China is a country located in Asia and is one of the most large and overcrowded world, also its rich and ancient culture are an important tourist attraction , one of the cities most mystical and interesting to get to know China is Dalian, it also has some ruins and ancient temples also has one of the most beautiful beaches of the country.
This is a modern city in addition to visit malls and taste the typical gastronomy Chinese we can enjoy its museums, and its beautiful scenery, if you are tourists who like exotic places, you just have to visit the Snake Island, they can also visit Xinghai Park and the reef of the pitfalls.
This city also boasts a very benign where climate during the summer does not much heat, since the temperature is approximately 22 degrees, and you can enjoy as well as the beaches that the city has, we can also visit the palaces called pilgrimage to the West, and also if you like natural places you can give an aspeo for its numerous parks.

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