What is the meaning of Urm? Concept and Definition of Urn

What is the Meaning of Urn?

Coming in its etymology from Latin, urn with identical Word refers to containers of different shapes and sizes, and with applications also different, although it is usually used specifically for name box or vessel containing the mortuary remains incinerated, as well as to the non-transparent box, closed, with a slot, where it deposited envelopes with the votes of the elections, or envelopes or papers used in any kind of vote or sweepstakes, where raw material need of the secrecy of the content.

Examples: "be careful when you clean the furniture; "on the wardrobe is the urn with the ashes of his grandfather, and it may fall off if you do it with bluntness" or "the counting of the votes contained in the urn will begin at 7 p.m.," respectively.
Formerly a measure used in liquids, equivalent of half of an amphora.
Existed a culture called "culture of the urn' own agricultural peoples of the bronze age. Had been achieved, in the plains of Hungary and of the lower Danube, an important cereal production, thanks to new techniques among which stood out to animal-drawn plough. The bronze work was perfected, creating weapons that contributed to his best defense, such as knives, daggers, swords and helmets.
But the name of "culture of the urn" that stretched from Switzerland to the Black Sea, also including Greece, responded to his religious beliefs , including the existence of a life after death, which believed that the corpse was incinerated, and ashes stored in urns.

Definition of Urn y Meaning of Urn

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