10 unknown Islands in the Mediterranean

There are so many beautiful places to visit in the Mediterranean and there are options for all tastes. Very cosmopolitan cities, charming villages, charming beaches, stunning Islands or unknown by tourism Islands. The best-known destinations tend to be the most chosen, but there are still small islands of dream almost unexplored to get lost for a few days, and those are about which I'm going to talk about today:
1 Tilos, Greece: TILOS is one of the islands of the Dodecanese and is geographically located between Kos and Rhodes. It is small and remote, but many tourists visit it. TILOS has a mountainous geography, beaches with crystal clear waters, caves with stalagmites and stalactites, trees, Oaks and forgetfulness, much wind so much freshness in summer. Its capital is Megalo Chorio, a small village without modern services that preserves its traditional character, nice houses and old churches.
2. Amorgos, Greece: Amorgos island is a small island.AMORGOS is the westernmost of the Cyclades group and the closest to the neighboring islands of Dodecanese. His most well known place is the small monastery of Khozoviotissa, founded in the 11th century, hanging in the middle of a cliff 300 meters above the sea, on the East Coast.
3. Folegandros, Greece: is said to Folegandros the island of peace. It is one of the little named Cyclades , but it is worth discovering the beaches and drink in the main square of Chora, where there is a very peculiar restaurant. There are many hotels for the time being. Disembark in Folegandros is found in the Greece of the past. Churches perched on rock, fresh and pristine villages, shaded squares, Inns and rustic cafes, animated by the rhythm of the dance sirtaki.
4 Ponza, Italy: Volcanic island of the Archipelago Ponziano, located on the same latitude as Naplesis a suggestive Center's summer, characterised by a coastline that falls to peak on the rocks and on the underlying rocks. Placed in one of the numerous fascinating caves-rich inlets.
5. La Maddalena, Italy: Italy is beautiful from the South end to the top of the North, across a wide variety of climates, destinations and people that define the magic of a unique site that is visited by thousands of tourists. And is one of the most beautiful regions of the Mediterranean, discover La Maddalena, one of its classic secret corners.
6. Pantelleria, Italy: Pantelleria is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located about 70 km from the coast of Africa, and about 85 km from the coasts of Italy. The island constitutes the emerged part of a volcano, named "Black Pearl of the Mediterranean"; He is also known as "The island of the wind", because the winds here blow throughout the year, guaranteeing freshness also during the high summer heat.
7 Sovalye, Turkey: Şovalye is completely pedestrian sidewalks shaded pine forests with scented. A walk from end to end takes 45 minutes or less, along a coastline dotted with coves and pebbles. In the clear as crystal clear water you can see the ruins of the former settlements dating back to late Roman times.
On the inside, hidden among pine trees and carob trees, are the remains of a Crusader, Castle built by The Knights of St. John since they passed near Rhodes. The legend says that the island became a base in the middle ages for renegade Knights become pirates.
You can circumnavigate Şovalye canoe in an hour or swim in two. The experience is unique, paddle or swim in the submerged houses, an ancient wall, churches and a Roman cistern which became a chapel during the Byzantine period, and amphorae that can be scattered on the bottom of the sea.
8 Comino, Malta: The Island of Comino is one of the quietest places to enjoy a holiday, is a virtually isolated and uninhabited, island without buildings, and with a high number of possibilities of enjoying the nature. Its cliffs, its caves where old hiding pirates, its natural ports, its small passenger port, and of course, Torre de Santa María, the most important buildings on the island.
9. Lopud, Croatia: Croatian beaches tend to be rocks or boulders. Very few there are sand, and one of the largest of them is located on this island off the coast of Dubrovnik. Two hills connected by a beautiful valley where a path leads to a Bay called Šunj at the other end of the island. There are no cars. The island has been inhabited since thousands of years ago and you can find ancient buildings and Slavic, Roman and Greek ruins.
10 Susak, Croatia: The island of Susak is part of the Cres - Lošinj archipelago. It is known under the nickname of "sand island". On the island there is only a town: Susak. The streets of the place are narrow and are not intended for the passage of transport but only for the passage of carriages ("karijole") and the man. On the island there are no paved roads or cars. It attracts by its intact nature and its clean sea.

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