Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. It is the capital of the province of Antalya and gives its name to one of the biggest gulfs of the Turkish coast, the Gulf of Antalya. Its location is on a cliff above the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by mountains, in some areas of the coast, the mountains plunge directly into the sea, forming small bays and natural peninsulas. The Centre of the city, is located in the first rocky plain while the second, called Kepezustu, small groups of houses have risen.
Tourism boom, which began in the early 1970's, It has transformed the city into an international resort, which has drawn handmade work migrants to the city, helping others to grow in the construction industry and providing transport infrastructure. This has become to Antalya in the commercial hub of this area of Turkey. In summer, the main groups of tourists are composed of Turks, British, Israelis, Arabs, Germans, and Russians.
It has a subtropical climate, with wet winters and mild summers, almost no rain.
Kaleiçi, with its narrow streets and buildings Turkish and Greek, is the old town of Antalya, packed with hotels, gift shops and bars today. The new hotels are located on the beach of Konyaaltı, Lara and Karpuzkaldıran. There are also waterfalls as the of Düden, Manavgat and Kursunlu.
The main places of interest, include constructions and elements of Lycia, Pamphylia, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk and Ottoman. Places to visit Antalya:
Kaleiçi Museum: opened in 2007 by the Mediterranean civilizations Research Center.
Hadrian's Gate: built in the 2nd century BC by the Romans in honor of the emperor.
Aspendo: was a city founded, according to the Greek tradition, in pre-Hellenic times by settlers originating probably from Argos in the ancient Pamphylia. It is about 45 km to the East of the current city of Antalya.
Termessos: was a city of Pisidia, famous for its impregnability as fortress, both natural and artificial.
Beaches of Antalya
The beaches of Antalyato Fethiye are Mediterranean beaches, beaches in which you will find warm and crystalline waters and wonderful environments such as:
Kemer Beach: tourist complex around a beach at 22 km away from Antalya.
Beach Side: small beach with numerous services located next to Roman ruins in the town of Side.
Playa de Olimpos: small beach surrounded by lush vegetation. Very touristy and crowded in summer.
Beach of Antalya: extensive, bowling and sand and is ideal for the practice of water sports.
Beach of Alanya: surrounded by a stunning resort and apartments. It is a very touristic place, with the possibility of water sports or sunbathing.
The typical dish of Antalya is the piyaz, made with tahini, garlic, walnuts and cooked dry beans hibes spicy with Cumin and tahini, sis kofte, tandir kebap, domates civesi, saksuka, and various cold Mediterranean dishes with olive oil. These and other specialties can find them at the following locations:
Kanatci Ali Asker
Konukzade Konagi
Kah Et BalIk Restaurant
Kral SofrasI Restaurant
Azime Abla
Hotels in Antalya
Hillside Hotel
Mediterra Art Hotel
Alp Pasa Boutique Hotel
Divan Antalya Talya

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