Beaches of the Caribbean, the ideal vacation

White Sands, crystal clear waters, glistening Sun and an indescribable blue, so you can enjoy if you choose the wonderful beaches of the Caribbean. The perfect combination between the pure nature and absolute relaxation and unforgettable sunsets is what can be found in one of the most beautiful places in the world. clip_image030
Since the 16th century, England, France and Spain formed colonies in many of the Caribbean Islands. If you are looking for is the Caribbean enjoy and connect with the past, Puerto Rico must visit. In the old San Juan de Puerto Rico, declared heritage of humanity by UNESCO, you can walk along narrow cobblestone streets and enjoy a visit to El Morro fortress that was built in the 1500 to 140 feet above sea level.
Another option, if you want to explore the past and at the same time of enjoying the Sun and sand, you must know the impressive monuments of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, where you can find the first University, the first hospital and the first cathedral of the new world. Santa Lucia you can enjoy the spectacle of dolphins and turtles. There are also guided walks on farms with sugar mills and banana plantations, where you can learn to collect honey from honeycombs and knead cassava, the traditional bread of the place.
Among the most noteworthy beaches is the Seven miles on Grand Cayman, as its name implies, it is the longest in the Cayman Islands. Crescent and Grace Bay beaches also occupy a privileged place in the Islands Turks and Caicos, the U.S. Virgin Islands. where there is more primitive nature still. If you are looking for a beach with towering rock formations, should visit Baths in the Virgin Islands British.
There are also the beaches of pink sand in Bermuda and in two of the islands of the Bahamas, Harbor and Eleuthera. Barbados also boasts beaches with huge waves, and old boasts a beach for every day of the year. Meanwhile, Anguilla has miles of beaches with few visitors.
The two most recognized by its nightlife venues are Jamaica and Dominican Republic.In Negril and Montego Bay Jamaica tourist cities there are weekly holidays on the beach. But more recognized for its nightlife is the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo, featuring several tracks of dance, concerts, casino.
Large hotels in Puerto Plata and , Punta Canain Dominican Republic, present fabulous shows as Las Vegas. And if you like gambling, Aruba is one of the favorite in the region, since it has several casinos and live entertainment. St. James, in Trinidad and St. Lawrence Gap in Barbados, are havens for those who spend the night going from bar to bar.
They are characterized by the variety of musical rhythms and exotic cocktails made with fruit from the place. But Puerto Rico is which offers nightlife New York -style bars and dance halls.
Delicious dinners prepared with fish and seafood is one of the luxuries in the islands of the Caribbean, with an abundance of quality restaurants. But if gastronomy is a key factor to decide where reservarás a hotel room, you have to go to the Islands with French influence.St. Barts, for example, attracts young chefs trained in the best kitchens of France. Guadalupe is also a good place to find French food and creole.
In any corner of the Islands, it is possible to find a wide variety of water sports. The island of Little Cayman is chosen among the lovers of diving by large coral reefs. For fans of bird watching, the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, famous for its coffee plantations, are a preferred site. Another option is Trinidad and Tobago, with more than 400 species of birds. In the isla of St. Eustatius one of the charms is to visit an inactive volcano in whose crater, a tropical forest has been formed. In addition to at least 17 varieties of orchids and ferns, figs, cherries and other fruits grow in it.
Turks and Caicos Islands
The Somerset on Grace Bay, has 53 suites with Internet access and connection for iPod, game of croquet in the garden, field of golf of 18 holes and pools with music.
St. Maarten
The St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, has 317 rooms, a full-service spa, a casino and a bar that is ideal to enjoy the nightlife.
Hermitage Bay has 25 cabins overlooking the sea. All are equipped with stations for connecting your iPod and flat-screen televisions.
The Club Med La Caravelle has reopened after a refurbishment of nine months. It has two French restaurants.

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