Beachionary, information about the beaches of the world

There should be nothing more beautiful in the world than the beaches in all her around, and for all tastes: quiet or crowded, white or volcanic sands, seas of water clear and tranquil or raging, for diving or surfing. clip_image017
And to search for data and information about the beaches in the world, the Beachionary project is presented as an excellent option, users help to add more data.
The site offers data, photos, maps, reviews, ratings , and information such as: which other beaches are nearby to which chose, hotels, restaurants and other places of interest, the services that offers beaches, such as lifeguard and emergency services, games, water sports, umbrellas, tents, bars, inns, restaurants and many other data.
In this way, are the users themselves which play a role of great importance in Beachionary, since it is they who are adding new beaches to the database, as well as comments, opinions and services of the destinations that known or visited.
Therefore in this way can give the desired beach or choose according to data gives you the page, it will only be enough with Select country, then the region, and Finally, explore the beaches that the search engine has resulted.

Vía: visitandoelmundo

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