Cruises in the Pacific and Australia

The Australians have discovered the spectacular cruise experience and have turned to it. In recent years the demand for these services has increased a lot in the Australia and Pacific area and of course, seeing this cruise companies have not time much send their megaship area. clip_image015
Each season the trend that more and more people choose to cruise and see many more ships than the previous and a greater variety of itineraries which, for those who intended to cross the world to visit Australia and New Zealand, added one further chance to add to the circuit.
The major Carnival company has a base in Sydney with some of its larger boats: 4 princesses, 2 of its local subsidiary P & O Australia and Pearl in its Crown, the huge Spirit which can carry nearly 2,700 passengers on board. With them and the rest of the companies already working in the area, there are alternatives to routes 8 and 12 days to tour ports of Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.
There are some more than tempting routes, for example: leaving Sydney crossing to Auckland and then skirting the Islands with the volcanic landscape of Rotorua, Wellington to reach and return to Australia to the South of New Zealand. Or a tour of Brisbane, or cross to Tasmania, or get to the Cook Islands, Fiji and Polynesia.

Vía: visitandoelmundo