Eight almost wonders of the modern world

The seven wonders of the ancient world that everyone knows are the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Temple of ARTEMIS, statue of Zeus at Olympia, mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the lighthouse of Alexandria the great pyramid of Giza, the only one that remains standing.
But the thing does not end here. In July 2007, the New Open World Corporation announced the new seven wonders of the modern world where they entered to contest many constructions created by man before the year 2000. The winners were Chichén Itzá, the Colosseum in Rome, the Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, the Great wall of China, Machu Picchu, Petra in Jordan and the Taj Mahal. Great wonders but what with that were finalists or only candidate? They are worth less than the winners? Let's meet them.

1. The Alhambra in Granada

Our dear Alhambra, the Andalusian city of Granada, was among the 13 finalists. We are talking about one of the most important monuments in the history of Spain, and would almost say that in the world. In fact, many years it becomes the most visited place in the country. He deserved to be among the winners? Clear that Yes.
"The Alhambra is... I don't know, you can not explain with words." It's magic! Every space, every corner, Garden, even the stores of souvenirs... incredible! "Unfortunately I can not say a space that I liked more than another, because I really enjoyed everything together,"Nazari palaces"amazing, just thinking that someone lived there gives me envy... healthy, that Yes..." The enthusiasm with which speaks Coral defines perfectly the charm of this place. Do you still not know it? Well, it is now your hotel in Granada!
Picture of Joaquin Ruiz

2 Castle of Neuschawanstein, Germany

Same it is risking, but of Neuschawanstein you could say without fear of failure that is the most beautiful castle from around the world. The inspiration of Disney and the Castle slept where La Bella durmiente has a unique charm.
Located in Bavaria, the castle was the idea of King Luis II who dreamed of a place of story, surrounded by mountains and lakes, more romantic than any other Castle to date. It is clear that he did. In fact, almost manage to sneak between the wonders of the modern world, which would.
This is one of the most visited in Germany. So, if you still don't know it, please visit the Romantic Bavaria, stay at any of their hotels and feel like in a Walt Disney film.
Photo by Pilar Alvarez

3 Stonehenge, Great Britain

"It is a circular construction, with giant, in the form of cromlech dolmens, which make think as they are apañarían to handle such stones in the time and even taking into account that non-local stones." According to experts they were transported from other parts of England, located more to the North." John J. Quintana
A religious temple? a funeral monument? an Observatory? an extraterrestrial construction? Don't know, but there is Stonehenge, standing from the Neolithic. Only for this reason already deserves to be on the list.
By the way. Nearby is Salisbury, a beautiful city that is also worth a visit for a few days. Here you will find the hotel to suit you.
Photo by Luciano Marino

4 Cathedral of St. Basil, Moscow

Cathedral of the intercession of the Virgin on the mound, that is the real name of this colorful Cathedral. Built between 1555 and 1561, it is the most representative of Moscow's famous red square image.
According to legend, Tsar Ivan left blind to the architect of this, Postnik Yákovlev, so he could never again build something more beautiful than St. Basil.
Curiosity Juanfo Fontanet tells us: "the first image that came to see St. Basil's Cathedral was that of Tetris, and is that this was the image used in the famous game of 1988."
In addition to this wonderful building, Moscow is a discovery finds. Don't pass the option to find a hotel at the best price and visit the capital.
catedral san basilio
Photo of Gerard Decq

5. Chile, Easter Island MOAI

He Easter Island is one of the most fascinating treasures of South America: the MOAI, some carvings attributed to ethnic Rapa Nui that still remain a mystery.
There are more than 600 moais distributed throughout the island which also have been left out of the list of the wonders of the modern world. A pity, but always be there petrified and waiting for a visit.
Remember that Pascual island is in the region of Valparaiso, one of the most appetizing of Chile with lodgings and places for all tastes.
moais pascua
Photo of Xavier Rodriguez

6. Statue of liberty, New York

Liberty enlightening the world is possibly the image more representative of New York and all over the United States. Opened in 1886, it was the first image that immigrants arriving from Europe had in the country.
If you are thinking about traveling to New York, a little information never comes bad:
"To reach it you must take a ferry in Battery Park. There are two options, one free, that is to the left of the Castle Clinton, but that does not stop at the statue, only seen from the boat; or pay $12 and go to the island of freedom. Boats depart every half hour and takes little to get to the island, although sometimes they do any stop in other islands for leaving or picking up people." Fernando
You will also find numerous hotels in the city
estatua de la libertad
Photo of Florence

7. Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the main temple of the ruins of Angkor, Siem reap.
It is one of the most impressive constructions of the world and better preserved. In fact, it is an architectural example of Hindu type that is part of the image of the flag of Cambodia.
According to legend, in the 9th century the King Suryavarman II wanted to build a temple in a truly sacred place. To find it, he gave an ox and I wait for it to tumbase. Where did so there is where the temple stood.
He is currently the main attraction of Siam Reap, though not the only one. Here you will find some hotels to discover Cambodia.
angkor wat
Photo by Eduardo David Torres

8 Sydney opera house

World Heritage site since 2007, the Sydney Opera House is the most modern construction which includes the list of finalists to wonder of the world.
It is a special, different building, but which has become a clear stamp of distinction of the city of Sydney. In addition, it is the building where works of theatre, ballet and opera are performed.
Minube you'll find hotels to suit you to visit the city.
ópera sydney
Photo by Denis

Along with these eight relics in the world, the Acropolis of Athens, Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto, Santa Sofia, Djinguereber mosque and the Eiffel Tower were the 13 finalists who were left at the gates of jackpot.

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