Places to visit in Argentina - part II

Spoke them on another occasion in some places to visit in Argentina at any time of the year, where adventure and pleasure are synonymous. Now I tell him some others so wonderful as the previous ones, now just choose and decide to travel: clip_image018

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Browsing through the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego National Park, with the Train of the end of the world, the Lighthouse of the end of the Mundo and the Lapataia Bay, are some of the attractions of the southernmost city in the world. Route 3, to the North, are the centres of the Valley of Tierra Mayor with snow almost all year, salvbo the months of summer, for experience trips on sledges pulled by dogs, walks with snowshoes or cross-country skiing. At 26 km away from Ushuaia, the ski Hill Beaver Center offers the longest season of the country.
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Tafí del Valle, Tucumán

Horseback riding by the "Valles Calchaquies" who sang the great Atahualpa Yupanqui are something not to be missed in this locality of Tucuman The Calchaquí valleys . Stunning landscapes to over 2,000 m in height and the indigenous and Jesuit ruins are combined with traditions, crafts and the famous tafinisto cheese. There is fishing at Dyke near La Angostura, hiking, rafting, trekking, water sports and visits to estancias. To 58 km, Amalcha del Valle is a community that retains the features of the diaguita culture.
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Merlo, San Luis

780 Km. from Buenos Aires and known as "third world microclimate", Villa de Merlo, next to the Sierra de los Comechingones, photographic safaris, it proposes recognition of flora and fauna, adventure tourism, paragliding, horseback riding, 4 x 4, rock climbing and mountain biking, cultural and historical tours, rural tourism and even mining. From the Villa de Merlo you can visit nearby towns and nature reserves that attract by its landscapes, are attractions, archaeological and paleontologicalas Parrot, La Angostura and Cocarán.
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Carlos Paz, Cordoba

Vacation in the mountains, Villa Carlos Paz icon offers great hotel and entertainment infrastructure. With the good weather that always exists in this city, joined the breaks and campsites on the Lake San Roque. Carlos Paz is also head of the Punilla Valley, one of the tourist valleys in the province. From here it is easy to visit beautiful cities such as Villa Giardino, Cosquín (headquarters of the most important folklore festival), La Falda and the road of the artisans with their mythic hotel Eden, golf at the Summit or Capilla del Monte and its energy cerro Uritorco. And as if all this were not enough, adventure tourism and excellent gastronomy.
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Valley of the Moon, San Juan

The Natural Ischigualasto Provincial Parkof 62,000 hectares, is located 330 km. from San Juan capital. Because of its exceptional value geological and paleontological and by being a community with natural features of outstanding scientific interest, the Ischigualasto - Talampaya site has been declared by the UNESCO world NATURAL heritage. Passing the city of Caucete, Vallecito where is the sanctuary of Difunta Correa, an important legend of the San Juan, visit the Museum of the world's stones, Marayes, Astica, the Tumanas, the head town San Agustín de Valle Fértil, reaching Ischigualasto. Park which brings together one of the most important archaeological sites.
The discovery of remains of one of the oldest dinosaurs that are also known as Carnivore ' Eoraptor lunensis' (ancient predator). In the park there are different kinds of rocks. The softer are quickly eroded by water, wind, etc., while the hard, being resistant, they preserve more time its structure and the whole acquires these curious shapes. Some of them are: Cerro Morado, worm, painted Valley, Bocce court, sub, fungus, Barrancas Coloradas
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