Pool of morning glory (USA)

The Morning Glory Pool is a small geyser located in Yellowstone (United States) National Park.

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Changing and spectacular coloration of this small natural pool is a small bacteria that live in its waters and that change colour with the variations in water temperature.

The Spanish translation would be something like the morning glory pool, I guess that he invented the name would be good morning baths in this place.

Today it is forbidden to bathe, and despite this, the park authorities take weekly kilos of rubbish from the inside of this little marvel of nature, even has come to the point of reward to those who denounce the unscrupulous, that once again, they should not leave their homes.

The landscape of the place changes completely with the seasons, but the enjoyment for the senses at any time of the year is guaranteed.

Vía: patrimoniosdelmundo.wordpress.com

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