Punta Cana, the Queen of the West Indies

Punta Cana is a Cape located to the East of the Dominican Republic, the most tourist and paradise in the country area. To know the culture of the Dominicans it is necessary to discover its joie de vivre, which is mainly expressed through traditions: the Carnival, Cockfighting, and above all the presence of the dance: Merengue.
Dominican Republic is a country located on the island of Hispaniola, sharing the island with Haiti. Hispaniola is the second largest island but large of the Archipelago of the West Indies, being located to the West of Puerto Rico and East of Cuba and Jamaica, with its colonial zone declared world heritage by the UNESCO.
Spanish heritage highlights the extraordinary monuments, secular witness of the first events that marked the colonial history. The Taíno, inhabitants of the island in pre-Columbian times, have left over the territory a surprising and original art witness all kinds of objects: objects in leather, wood, amber, larimar (national stone), mud, etc.
In Punta Cana, with a total surface of 420,000 m2, can find kilometric beaches and the best in the world, with its fine sand and white, warm and full of coconut water. Dominicans are mostly friendly, outgoing and very kind, hospital, refined, educated.
Why Punta Cana is undoubtedly a place hard to forget. Beautiful beaches, distinguished scenery, varied cuisine, make Punta Cana a destination to which I'd like to visit again. Good hotels, restaurants , packages with all inclusive, with flights there are very very cheap which worth take advantage.
It is an ideal as wedding trip or honeymoondestination. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches, pools, water sports, tennis, golf, dance and of course much eat and drink. Accommodation in these "all inclusive" resorts are the most popular, allowing guests to enjoy all the services at a very competitive price.
Dominican Republic is ideal to buy crafts, some jewels, art in wood, and paintings. Art that is more is the Taino, minimalist paintings of thin black women that do not show the face or many colors, saturated colors do not directly, you can get beautiful pictures of large size by just 30 or 40 dollars (remember to haggle the prices). You get better prices in the shops of the village even in the street. You will of paintings that will say that they are of famous artists, but they are actually very nice replicas. It is impossible to almost returned from Punta Cana without one of these paintings in the pouch
The climate is constant, with warm weather all year round, with an average temperature of 28° C, the humidity of the tropical zone gets that temperatures seem higher, although the sea breeze helps to equalize this effect. August is the hottest month of the year and January is the freshest, the most rainy season in Punta Cana occurs between may and August, and the lowest between the months of November and December.
In Punta Cana is almost a tradition to eat at family and there is the habit of offering coffee, water or soft drink to guests when they visit a store. In general there are many starches, like rice, potato, banana, cassava and tapioca, which are usually served in large portions. As typical, we can highlight The flag; consisting of rice, beans, stew meat, salad and fried plantains, and it is usually accompanied with natural fruit, the bananas; typical product of Dominican cuisine, they are served in many ways, including boiled, stewed and candied. But the most common way of eating them is pure. The fish and seafood; one of the most common is fish fillet, usually grouper or chillo, served with garlic, coconut or Creole, as well as also the crab, the shrimp, Octopus and conch are also traditional in Punta Cana as the other dishes.
As insular, agricultural and cattle country, the Dominican Republic offers a wide variety of attractive dishes, combining the influence of Taino, African, and European offering an explosion of flavours rich in nuances and condiments.
Hotels in Punta Cana
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