Secret Britain's gardens

Secret gardens and England: a mythical tandem

Secret gardens of Great Britain

England is green. It is the first thing that surprises from the airplane, if her Majesty permits variable cloudiness: the monochrome of a land, where, according to many, never stops raining. But just as the Eskimos have several words to describe snow, Englishmen have managed to combine like no one else the thousand shades of this color to create the most evocative gardens. They have become art film landscape.
To anticipate the pleasure of travel is enough with you to give you a tour of any residential district: notice that the gardens, more or less modest, are the Kings of the House. A rare bulb, a kind of pink which only grows with convalescent care or the latest installment... da igual, you'll cross with these talks any Sunday in a pub. And while the Sun plays hide and seek, the shadows are dedicated to draw on their own the beauty of gardens that seem destined to dream. If you believe in fairy tales, or have you decided to begin to do so just in case, don't miss our selection of secret gardens, oasis where everything is possible, where the world, at least for a few hours, find a fair and orderly.


Despite its lush parks, or precisely because of them, the British capital has a number of secret gardens. Natural pearls hidden among the hustle and hurry, perfect to take a break and treat yourself to a few minutes to think.
Garden of St. Dunstan's in the East. Cannon Street
Very close to the City, in the East more materialistic, is one of the more dramatic London. Grow among the ruins of the old medieval church of St. Dunstan, completely destroyed by the bombardments of the second world war. Today vines espouse its walls and lick his wounds, leaving workers to eat his sandwich and enjoy a natural window in the middle of a grey routine of meters and keyboards.
Garden of St. Dunstan's in the East
Duncan Terrace Garden. Islington.
Following the route of the old channel known as the New River, a tongue of water dating back to 1600 and was used at the time for supplying the liquid element to the North of the city, we find Duncan Terrace garden. A charming space which highlights a curious air installation free dedicated to the cottages of the birds. Under the bombastic Cityname spontaneous in the tree of paradise, you can see hundreds of tiny houses for birds inspired by local architecture.
Duncan Terrace Garden
St. George's Garden. Bloomsbury.
In the very select and intellectually impeccable London neighborhood of the letters, the gafapastico Bloomsbury, there is also space for green. That Yes, the garden of St. George makes game with the atmosphere of the environment and stands out for its almost eternal serenity. The only garden is a beautiful excuse to entertain the dead of his wonderful cemetery, so that in addition to a care natural space you'll find romantic tombs and dramatic statues.
Holland Park. Japanese garden.
The most cosmopolitan city of the old continent knows how to pay tribute to his influences. Why the Japanese garden of Holland Park is a flirtatious displays of the very British admiration for exotic travel. Donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991, since it is a sought-after visual fad among the aesthetes more city fashionistas.
The Japanese garden of Holland Park
Richmond Park. Isabella Plantation.
The vast Richmond Park, PETA of picnickers in 4 x 4 whenever permitted by their bosses, has a powerful secret weapon for collectors of calm. Isabella Plantation is called and here are not allowed neither cars nor the rush. It is an ornamental garden based on a structure of wood and built during the 1950s, when the war was already beginning to be just a bad memory. Loaded with exotic plants and original bushes, is a gift for the view, the same as the ornamental waterfall, perfect for a therapeutic massage ear.
Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park


Probably the picturesque town of Guilford the best-known Surrey County, both, town and County, famous among rich pensioners to retire and spend their golden years immersed in the contemplation of the beauty, the own and the neighbour. So exquisite retreat however, account from before that were invented and pension plans with some of the most beautiful gardens of England.
Great Fosters
Great Fosters gardens are considered an essential part of the list of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. Designed originally to reflect the intricate beauty of a Persian, carpet can already imagine the bath art and color that awaits you. It is as if nature had made him a perfect manicure. Why wanders to taste and reaches the pond, along the way you'll discover two secret gardens still most pampered by the hand of man.
Windsor Great Park. Savill Garden.
Savill gardens are famous for their expansion, by the rarity of its plants and fantastic colourful particularly capricious during autumn months. Don't miss The Queen Elisabeth Temerature House, a lovely greenhouse where you will find all these wonderful plants that you are unable to live at home.


Now that you are sure to visit its historical cultural capital, the Canterburymagic, perfect to star in the most dramatic statements of your life by the sea in Kent. If you also like the atmosphere of the ancient English boarding schools here you'll find several examples.
Goodnestone Park Gardens.
Goodnestone Park gardens, quite far from the usual routes, are always a pleasant surprise for lovers of silence. An oasis of tranquility-aristocratic and hundreds of centuries of history around the House of the FitzWalter, the family that takes several generations, caring for them and that during the last 40 years has returned splendor.
The Secret Gardens of Sandwich.
With this name the least you can do is to provide a green picnic. But please use caution or be fooled by words and allow the intricate ornamental nature of this wonderful garden open you appetite. After an unforgettable ride, and given the time of year, we suggest you take a tea instead of a picnic in the open air in the hotel of the same name. If you're a lover of England manners and exquisite you'll want to stay overnight.
The Secret Gardens of Sandwich


The misty County of Devon, with its languid valleys and its theatrical marshes is a good excuse to discover the most romantic nature of England. A perfect getaway if you want to bet on nostalgia.
The Garden House. Yelverton.
Garden House has inspired the most celebrated gardeners of the planet for years. The truth is that the idyllic nature of the Devon Valley seems asking loudly this collection of enchanted gardens. Don't see Walled Garden, the garden that surrounds the old Buckland's medieval vicarage, and that acts as a host to a colourful explosion of exotic flowers. Not dismiss visit him in autumn when amazing palette of oranges and ochres multiplies to leave you without names. If you want to immortalize your way, in addition to taking pictures, you can sign up for watercolor classes. If you want to bring home a little bit of this paradise of lakes and bridges you can opt for one of their famous gardening courses.

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