The amazing statues of Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which talked above, is a surprising city, with a beautiful old town, which is located just an hour's journey (by bus or by boat on the Danube) in the Austrian capital, Vienna. And within the historic centre, by the medieval streets, we can find the most curious characters. There are a handful of statues in poses of the most original, giving a friendly note to the city since the early 1990s, when Slovakia was trying to shake off the triste Communist past. clip_image001[4]
The most popular is probably Čumil, the worker hovering down the drain. With this good-natured face, do not know very well if you simply notice to passers-by or launches some crafty ladies that look as if they spend. To avoid distractions for drivers, there is a traffic sign warning of their presence between the streets Rybarska brana and Panska.
Another character of the street Rybarska brana is the beautiful Ignaz, greeting to ladies lifting up her top hat. It is based on a real character who lived in Bratislava at the beginning of the 20th century. It was a beggar who wore an impeccable suit and used to greet and give flowers to women, he said that he went mad with unrequited love.
In the main square of the old Bratislava (Hlavne namestie) we find a French soldier dressed as Napoleon, supported on a bench. Bratislava was attacked by Napoleonic troops on two occasions, and the French leader himself was in the city in 1809. According to legend, the statue represents a wounded soldier who allegedly fell in love with a Slovak nurse and stayed there to live.
Finally, Laurinska Street lurks behind a corner of the famous terror: the paparazzi. Paradoxically, this photographer is one of the characters portrayed by the other cameras. 

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