The best hotels with the charm of the story - part I

On some occasions the past of a hotel that has been able to keep to the present day, vestiges of ancient times becomes one incentive to choose it as the perfect accommodation. A night where in his day personalities stayed as Empress Sissi, places that served as inspiration for Lord Byron, always keeps some charm for lovers of history and legend. Normally the historic boutique hotels prices are high, but from time to time to give a taste on a trip is a satisfaction that helps make the trip unforgettable. Some of them are:
Palace Beau Rivage. Lausanne, Switzerland
The Palace Hotel Beau Rivage is located on the shores of the Lake Lausanne. Its prime location delights us with spectacular and breathtaking views of the city of Geneva on the other side of the Lake and the Swiss Alps. One of the historical events that happened in this hotel were the crowning of King Hussein of Jordan or the ratification of the treaties reconstruction of Europe after the First world war.
Some of the characters who were staying at the hotel characters were Charles Chaplin, Nelson Mandela or Victor Hugo. A noteworthy detail is your wine cellar that boasts more than 75,000 wines, able to delight the best winemakers.
Hotel Copernicus. Krakow, Poland
There was a time when Krakow was the capital of Poland. Copernicus Hotel is located in the oldest street of the city, called Kanonicza. The building owes its name to the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who stayed in this nice hostel, while he was developing aspects of his heliocentric theory. Here itself was where he developed his theory and that the world saw that the earth revolved around the Sun and not vice versa. A place to meditate while referred to sunsets that illuminate the Wawel. And in this House of medieval origin owned by the Cathedral, housed the intellectual and financial elite as it passes through the city.
The building was restored and reopened as a hotel in the year 2000, retaining the Renaissance decoration from the time of Copernicus, unique polychrome pictures, some priceless paintings and inscriptions dating back to 1500. If in itself deserves countless visits to Krakow , staying in this hotel will transport us in time.
Hotel Danieli. Venice, Italy
200 Metres from Piazza San Marco, we found this unique hotel with architecture and history, overlooking the lagoon, the Hotel Danieli is a luxurious establishment ideal for your stay in Venice. The rooms are equipped with original antique pieces and crystal chandeliers of Murano, furnishings and precious fabrics, marble columns worked by hand and refined period furniture.
It is composed of three splendid Venetian palaces from the 14th, 19th and 20th, connected by covered bridges which offer views to the typical streets of Venice, channel or lagoon. Traditional Italian cuisine is served on the rooftop of the Danieli restaurant, Terrazza Danieli. You can eat and drink on the terrace, open from June to September.
One of the most illustrious characters who passed through here was the legendary Casanova. Innumrables royalty choose this hotel for their stay this parallel space that constitutes Venice.
Hotel Las Casas de la Judería, Sevilla, Spain
Located in this area, that of the popular Barrio de Santa Cruz, stands The Hotel Las Casas de la Judería, carefully preserved hotel complex. Between courtyards and corridors labertinticos that combine 27 houses of the old Jewish quarter of the old city, is located this hotel so special.
Connected by courtyards that give it the form of an authentic Andalusian House with its colorful flowers, doors, wrought iron and its ornate fountains, gardens of strong Arab influences preserved the spirit of the historical past of the city.
When Columbus returned from his first trip to America, the first from Indians of the new continent stayed in these houses. The Duke of Béjar, protector of Cervantes and member of one of the most prominent families of the Spanish high nobility, also lived here.
The Casas de la Judería Hotel has a privileged location. It is near the Cathedral and the Reales Alcázares. The hotel has an outdoor pool and a restaurant that offers a menu of traditional Andalusian cuisine specialist.
Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg. Bonn, Germany
From its privileged location, atop Mount Petersberg, can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Rhine River and the Valley forming before coming to Bonn in the town of Königswinter. It is a very remote and surrounded by nature, which served as the main housing of the senior world leaders who visited Germany after World War II, primarily since Bonn became West Germany 's capital although it was inaugurated in 1892.
Among the outstanding Presidents hosted here, you must quote the Emperor Akihito of Japan, or the same Elizabeth II of England, though the list is long and there are personalities from the more remote countries such as the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I or King Rama IX of Thailand.
The Willard. Washington, United States
The Willard Hotel is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, the main thoroughfare of Washington that connects the White House with the Capitol of the United States. Founded in 1818, is from the center of the political and social life of the capital beginning.
Its elegant rooms preserved nineteenth-century-style American and the comfort of its spacious rooms are the best example of a taste for the luxury of high society in the then young American nation. It can be said that, since its inauguration, all American Presidents have passed through here, cose is not surprising: the same Martin Luther King wrote his famous "I Have a dream" speech here. 

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