The eight best places to enjoy the autumn

The arrival of autumn, can sometimes be a little sad. More cold weather, less light, the holiday weekend... But it is also true that it is one of the photogenic periodosmas, especially by the landscapes of many parks and forests of Spain.
Today's list includes some of the corners of our country who earn more points with the arrival of autumn and that much of the minube community enjoys each year. Parks, gardens, mountains... An invasion of ocher.

1 Fagedad'Enjorda, Girona

In the region of The Garrotxa we find Jordà beech forest, a natural wonder created by a type of has very special that he has grown on flat land of lava from an eruption of the volcano Croscat.
A curious fact, the poet Joan Maragall dedicated a poem to the beauty of this area. In fact, one of the routes from the interior of the forest bears his name.
And, as a recommendation for lovers of the nature of this area, the hotel RiuOlot , surrounded by accommodation of valleys and incredible views close to the volcanic area of La Garrotxa.
fagedad enjorda
Photo by Jared Gil Ruiz

2. National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, Huesca

The second oldest natural park in Spain is also a paradise of forests, water passages, waterfalls and glaciers.
It is a well maintained park. A single day can visit 1,800 people and has many trails and established footpaths that go through its more than 15,000 hectares.
Torla is the nearest town to the Park, it is the site of home of many routes and the ideal place to stay if you want to enjoy this work of nature. Hotel Ordesa or firs are very interesting options to visit the Park.
Damug photo

3 Selva de Irati, Navarre

Of the most famous destinations for autumn, the Selva de Irati (Navarra) takes the cake. Its amazing forests of beeches and firs are the best preserved of the peninsula.
As says the traveler José Ignacio "Irati colors bring you the joy of the autumn and make you forget the sunny summer."
Picture of Cristina in the Castle

4. Birth of the Urederra, Navarre

"The water turquoise and the incredible forest of beech trees make this place one of the most beautiful natural environments that I know, a route to make it in family." So the birth of the river Urederra, as described by Toni Calderón.
The waterfall of 30 meters and the surroundings of the area form other landscapes who earn more with the arrival of autumn. And best of all is that Yes, it is spectacular in autumn, but if it is another date, printing is the same: beautiful.
To enjoy these two natural corners of Navarre and spend a few days between nature and culture, the province offers numerous accommodation where you can spend the night. For example, the Latxanea in the beautiful town of Alsasua; or, to put an end to the perfect getaway, you stay at the lovely Parador de León?
Photo by Jorge r. Dueso

5. The Faedo's keep, Leon

Faedo's keep is a small forest of beech trees of La Pola de Gordon, (Leon). In 2007, this natural space was awarded best forest care and is one of the destinations with more routes and gateways for their views.
Nearby, the Posada Real Chousa Verde becomes the perfect alternative to relax in an environment as only the province of Leon can offer.
faedo de ciñera
Photo of Edgar Garcia

6 Hayedo de Tejera Negra, Guadalajara

Microclimate and isolation of this area make it one of the most spectacular in Spain and across Europe Hayedo de Tejera Negra.
In addition, there are pines, birches and a fauna characterized by the passage of Eagles and foxes.
"The forest seems the abode of fairies, gnomes and goblins. You breathe tranquillity", says the Quatermain traveler on this spot.
So if you are someone looking for is rural and natural getaway, the Tejera Negra is the key. In addition, there are ideal accommodation for this place, as The trail of snails , which, although it is in the province of Segovia, is within walking distance of the Park Natural Hayedo de Tejera Negra. And not only that, but that by itself, this rural hotel is a true hymn to nature.
tejera negra
Photo by Quatermain

7 Chestnut Grove of El Tiemblo, Ávila

What is del Castañar? Naxos tells us: "del Castanar of the shiver, in Avila, is one of the most popular autumn trips that can be made from Madrid." It's a small forest on the slopes of the the Iruelas Valley reserve, on the outskirts of the municipality of El Tiemblo. […] It's a 4 km of very mild and very easy to perform path route. The truth is it's nice to walk through it, especially in autumn when the chestnut trees, Oaks and other deciduous trees change color."
Also nearby is the Pantano del Burguillo, another typical corners of the area that comprises some rooms overlooking the footballer Lake as the rural hotel Posada del Agua (don't follow).
el tiemblo
Photo of Naxos

8. Natural Park of Gorbea, Basque country

Of the Gorbea Natural Park, the largest in the Basque country is located between Alava and Vizcaya. Its name, Gorbea, due to the name of the highest mountain that exist within the Park, of 1482 meters high.
Oaks, beeches and strawberry trees up to reign in the Park and are home to hundreds of birds of prey, Wildcats and even Martens, a strange ferret-like mammal.
In Zuia, a population attached to the Gorbea massif, there are hotels like the Ass Express Altube where to enjoy a unique stay and recreate with views that already many would like to.
Photo of Iskander barrier

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