Tips to avoid waits at the Coliseum

At another time and talk them from the Roman Coliseum, today I am going to have some tricks to avoid waiting. It is one of the most visited monuments in the world, in one of the cities with more tourists on the planet. It seems impossible to avoid the queues to see this incredible place, but with a bit of common sense, we will be in avoiding waits of several hours. clip_image018
  • In the Italian capital Rome Pass, a pass that you have access to public transport for three days, in addition to free entry to certain monuments or museums, among which the Coliseumis located can be purchased. So you can directly enter the Colosseum without having to perform the row that make those who must, first, buy your ticket
  • Another way is rising early. If you go 30 minutes in advance, it is likely that if you're not the first row, you have very few later. Also good is that there are very few people to tour the Colosseum and you see it better and you hear all the explanations. The opening of the box office is at 8.30 pm.
  • Another option is to hire a guide. Of course that has an additional cost of 4 euros... But you don't need to go in search of one since, while in the queue, they come and offer their services. Immediately, by agreeing to hire them, gets out of the row and, together with them, acquires almost automatically and entering the Coliseum.
  • The fourth option is to buy access to the Palatine, where there are fewer people waiting. The ticket is valid for the two places in addition to the forums. Maybe do something more tail that rising early, but same giant queues. This means passing first through the forums or by the Palatine and there purchased the entrance, where insurance there will be fewer people than at the Coliseum, and you decide what to see first. Once with the entrance into the hand, say goodbye to the rows in any of the three sites.
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