Unknown Islands in Europe

There are places that are completely forgotten by the tourist companies, despite being, on a continent as the European, so today I'll tell you about four islands unknown in Europe. All are a good choice to visit, which also offer services at good prices ideal for the current times of crisis. clip_image001

1 Porquerolles, France

The village of Porquerolles has 300 inhabitants in winter, and lives mainly from tourism during the summer. It is the largest of the three Islands that make up the archipelago of Hyeres and its territory is protected as a National Park. On this island you can enjoy of excellent sandy beaches surrounded by pine forests, abundant eucalyptus trees and vineyards that give a particular landscape. The nearest beaches are accessible by the coast, 15 minutes on foot, but you'll have to go to the farthest, as the of Notre Dame or the Langoustier to find peace of mind.
In the 19th century, the French State took it to build strong to defend against invasions and its architecture has a clear colonial reminiscence. Still you can visit the Fort Sainte Agathe or Fort of the Repentance, and see what the island was like before. Now you have a pretty central square, playing bocce at the time of an aperitif, and is surrounded by shops, supermarkets, small and quite expensive, and a few restaurants.
To the single island accessible by boat. In high season leaves every 30 minutes and takes 15 to cross. Everyone moves on foot or by bike, which makes the place very nice, so for very recommendable to hire to explore the various beaches of the island.

clip_image002 2. Fasta Åland, Finland

We can access this Finnish Island by boat or plane from Helsinki, Stockholm and Turku. It is the main island of the small islands forming the Islands Åland, located between Sweden and Finland. Although their culture and language are Swedish, it belongs to Finland since 1919.
Mariehamn, the capital of the island, It has beautiful areas for strolling and offers us different museums of interest. The surface of the Islands is generally Rocky and extreme weather.
The Åland Islands occupy a very important strategic position, to dominate one of the entrances to the port of Stockholm, as well as being located at the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia, and near the Gulf of Finland. There are several excellent ports

clip_image003 3 San Domino, Italy

This Italian island is the largest tourist attraction in the Tremiti Archipelago, located about 25 km East of the Garganopeninsula in the Adriatic sea. Has countless caves among which stands out the Bove Marino, some comparing it to the famous island of Capri.
This archipelago was visited in antiquity by Illyrians and Greeks. Mythology says that the Islands were originated to throw the argivo King Diomedes three large boulders into the sea. And the story tells that Augusto deported her granddaughter Iulia, and remained on the island for twenty years until his death
The climate is typically Mediterranean, i.e.: with warm winters and very warm summers.

clip_image004 4 Vlieland, Netherlands

It is one of the Frisian Islands belonging to the Netherlands, lying between Texel and Terschelling. The sea is North to Northwest and the Wadden Sea to the Southeast. Arrives from the city of Harlingen. On the island no one can use cars, until residents have restricted its use by what they will find the streets full of pedestrians and cyclists.
If you want a relaxing stay, you can not be exploring countless forest that has the island, sand dunes and beaches.

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