10 Asian beaches to visit

In Asia there are many beautiful and famous beaches like Phuket, Phi Phi, Kuta, Bunaken..., but many more are the unknown and not therefore less beautiful and equally inviting, a place where you can forget everything: 10 Asian to visit beaches and enjoy. Among the destinations that we must not miss, if we want to find paradise, are:
Saudi Beach, Philippines
Located on the island of Luzon and washed by the Sea of China, it is this small beach of 2 km. long. It is one of the jewels and one of the best kept secrets of the country, near Pagudpud.
Philippines is one of the little known of Southeast Asia and preserves intact sites and unique landscapes. The Philippines is a great choice for who is looking for new sensations and uncharted territories. And for the beach lovers can not miss the Saudi Beach.
2) Ko Adang, Thailand
The Thai southernmost on the Andaman Sea coast the Marine National Park of Turatao Ko meets its towers emerging from the sea and its crystal clear waters. The Park is composed of a group of 51 Islands 30 km away from the Mainland. Here lies Ko Adang, a jungle island coasts Virgin to enjoy the natural
Not only water was clean as a pool, but that the colors green and blue were incredible, almost phosphorescent. The island is small, it has several beaches and a small centrito. At night there are a couple of bars on the beach that are very good and quiet as all on this island. Although the people who used to vacation on the island says that every year there are more people and that the infrastructure has grown a lot.
3) Bentota, Sri Lanka
It is located at 60 kms. to the South of Colombo, Bentota opens in an arc from a stone promontory. The waters of the Indian Ocean reaching its coast whose beaches are well known by surfers from around the world. However, they are not crowded beaches. Although the hotels who are here are all 4 and 5 star, there is good accommodation options and discrete services. If you are lucky enough to pass through here, you will live the most intense sunsets over the sea.
4) Yalong, China
The area of Hainan in China is the closest to your "Hawaii" locating, in addition, at the same latitude as the American archipelago. Yalong is a Bay located on the South end, near Sanya and has nothing to envy to the most known as Polynesiadestinations. The resorts have occupied the space of the old plantations of rice along the 7 km. of adapting to the new Chinese wealthy classes, sandy beach but is a relatively unknown to tourists from the rest of the world.
5) Beach China, Viet Nam
A paradise of 30 kms. Long Beach in the central Vietnamese coast and near Da Nang, China, dazzle and not disappoint anyone. Beaches of film and excellent range of services such as hotels, restaurants and resorts, especially in the area of Bai Non Nuoc. Locally it is known as Bai Tam My Khe
6) Calangute, India
Calangute enjoys the benefits of the Arabian Sea and a stunning sunny days and starry nights. This beach was the great hippie Mecca of the 1970s and some of them are returning every year to relive that environment. Despite the excessive growth to its around, this beach is still little known and visited. But it is a pity Miss know it.
7)Dungun, Malaysia
The East coast of Malaysia is a well kept secret, is a coast to the China Sea populated with a rainforest and among the trees we find one of the purest beaches that remain: Dungun. Offshore is it Tengool Island, part of the Marine Park of Terengganu where those who practice diving in all its forms will find these beaches a paradise.
8) Ochheuteal, Cambodia
Around Sihanoukville on the southern coast of Cambodia, we find five beaches, one more beautiful than the other. Sokha, the prettiest, but is a beach reserved for customers of a luxury resort, but Ochheuteal, Sokha as pretty (his sister), is not private and is available for anyone who wants to visit although it is not a millionaire.
A long stretch of white sand fringed by pine trees and with a very active local life. To the North of the beach, you'll find a beautiful atmosphere formed by tourists from all over the world that have known her and cannot go back to visit her.
9) Mae Nam, Thailand
Its beaches are more you narrow, but in spite of this, you will find yourself in a peaceful environment, without the crowds of the known beaches. These beaches are truly a paradise, shaded by Palm trees, crystal clear and calm waters. On the horizon you can see figures from the islands of Ko Phangan and the Ang Thong Marine Park where you can cross if you want to be truly isolated from the world.
10) Kenting, Taiwan
A destination that seems to us that it has to be a shopping paradise, it is really but its beaches. Not by chance the Portuguese named this semitropical island as "Formosa" by their beauty. The Kenting beach at the southern end of the island, offers good beaches for water sports, including surfing and up to 18,000 hectares natural park. There are full services hotels, more economical lodgings and all kinds of food, although of course the specialty is seafood.
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