Baden-Baden, the city of the thermal baths

Baden-Baden in Germany, is a city located in the Valley of the Oos, on the slopes of The Black Forest, and lying on the Rhine River. At the end of the second world war, Baden-Baden was the seat of the central command of the French occupation forces in Germany.In the 19th century, the European bourgeoisie began to take this as a resting place.
There were large spas, theater, Hippodrome and the casino, one of the most luxurious in the world. Also here is one of the last inhabited castles in Europe. It is said that the Roman Emperor Caracalla frequented the place, and in his memory his name to one of the baths of today bear his name.
Baden-Baden is linked to the culture of the Spa from its distant origins. Already in the time of Roman rule, it was visited by emperors, senators and aristocracy to benefit from its thermal waters. At that time it arrived until today the famous baths of Caracalla.Today the ruins of the Roman Spa, 2,000 years old, have been transformed into an underground Museum under the Market square and connected with one of the great resorts of the city: the Friedriechsbad.
Both make up one of the largest thermal Europe complexes. Showers, swimming pools at different temperatures, rooms of rest, aquatic cromotherapy, massages, sauna, jacuzzis and all water treatments that you can imagine.
Baden-Baden was developed around its waters, they were born spas, hotels and spas, built churches, theatre and terraces and restaurants, rides were opened and palaces rose. Clearly "romantic" atmosphere that inspired Johannes Brahams who lived in Baden-Baden.
Places of interest
  • The Kurhaus is a building built at the beginning of the 19th century, with over 250 years of history, by Friedrich Weinbrenner, and which houses the luxurious and famous Baden-Baden Casino. In the interior we can find rooms for the social life of the city, which hosts concerts, galas, dances, etc. The Casino is famous for the ostentation of its decorations, inspired in the French Royal palaces, and personalities that, both in the past as today, have been in it.
  • New Castle (Neues Schloss) is a building built at the end of the 14th century over the old Castle. It is situated on the Hill of Florentinerberg, and surrounded by majestic gardens. The castle is private for what cannot be visited, but is very pleasant to stroll up to the terrace which is located in front of the Castle.
  • Hohenbaden Castle, or the Old Castle (Altes Schloss) is a building dating from the beginning of the 12th century, owned by the Margrave of Baden, and that today is in ruins. In the year 1599 was almost completely destroyed by a fire, and to be built as new Castle, the owners moved. The best views of the city, as well as from its central courtyard are obtained from the Tower of Palazzo Vecchio.
  • Lichtenstaller Alle is a sumptuous garden in English style, with more than 300 species of trees, separated by the River Oos. Lush, green and the enclave of all this environment makes it one of the most frequented by the bourgeoisie, both points in the past as it is today. In its vicinity is also another Park at the beginning of the 20th century, the Gonneranlage, with beautiful fountains and pergolas.
  • The Stiftkirche is a Gothic church built in the 15th century, where were buried to the Margrave of Baden. The imposing tower was built in the 18th century, at the same time making the interior of Baroque style. It has a beautiful final Gothic crucifix, a beautiful column that houses the Tabernacle and a funerary monument of the 18th century.
  • The ruins of the Roman Spa are a Museum of the ancient culture of the bathroom. Are below the Market square and the Friedrichsbad Spa. With almost 2,000 years are one of the best preserved Spa facilities in the State of Baden Württemberg. The Roman walls, in some places as high as a man, are magnificently preserved. This fact allows to know how was the construction of a wall and a floor heating Roman.
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