Bratislava, the heart of Europe

Bratislava is the hidden treasure among the popular destinations in Europe. Austro-Hungarian tradition and Soviet past, is a small big city, capital of Slovakia, between the most beautiful and prosperous from the Centre - this European. Perhaps most unknown from the point of view tourist has been called many times the heart of Europe. This is because of its location in the heart of the Old continent.
It is the largest city in Slovakia. It is located on the banks of the Danube, close to the borders with Austria and Hungary, this makes it the only capital of a country in the world whose borders are two countries. It is about 60 km from Vienna. Surrounded by a pastoral landscape of vineyards and historic castles on the banks of the Danube River, Bratislava vision provides a journey in time. Porte Communist buildings speak of their homes prior to the incorporation of the country to the European Union in 2004.
The most interesting area from the monumental and artistic point of view is the Old city, colorful and cozy, where you can enjoy a variety of shops and services, although prices are higher than other areas of the city, and of course far superior to the interior of the country.

Special mention also the river port, where you can see merchant ships and a great activity. Most historical buildings are located in the old town. The City of Bratislava is a complex of three buildings and is currently home to the Museum of the city of Bratislava. Michael's Gate It is the only gate that has been preserved of the medieval fortifications, and is among the oldest buildings in the city.
The building of the University Library, was used by the diet (Parliament) of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1802 to 1848. St. Elisabeth's Church, better known as the Blue Church due to its colour, is built entirely in the style Art Nouveau.
The only military cemetery in Bratislava is that of Slavin, was built in 1960 in honour of the Red Army soldiers who fell in the liberation of Bratislava from German troops. It offers an excellent view of the city and the Little Carpathians.
Other prominent 20th century structures are the Nový Most (new bridge) at the Danube with a tower that has a restaurant resembling a UFO, the headquarters of the Slovak Radio in the form of an inverted pyramid, and the unique design of the Tower of TV Kamzík TV Tower with an observation deck and rotating restaurant.
Located on a plateau of 85 m above the Danube Bratislava castle is one of the most prominent structures in the city. The hill where the Castle has been inhabited since the transition period between the stone and bronze ages and has been also the acropolis of a Celtic town. In 1811, the castle was destroyed by a fire, as well as much of the adjacent Hamlet, and, subsequently, a reconstruction of the ensemble was held. Today, the Castle houses the Slovak National Museum, which covers archaeological, historical and artistic exhibitions
Due to its location at the foot of the little Carpathians and its riparian vegetation on the alluvial plains of the Danube, Bratislava has forests close to the city centre.
The Zoo Bratislava was founded in 1960, and currently houses 152 species of animals, including some rare White Lion and white tiger species. The Jardin Botanique, which belong to Comenius University, is located on the banks of the Danube, and House more than 120 species of domestic, foreign and exotic origin.
Another place worth visiting is the building of the Opera of Bratislava, for its spectacular architecture.
If looking for food traditional Slovak or the authentic specialities of Pressburg, that have nothing to do with what people eat today in day, we recommend some restaurants :
Slovak Restaurant, near the Presidential Palace the try musketieri. The pleasant restaurant Leberfinger, where the finest examples of Hungarian and Austrian cuisine await them. Other restaurants that follow the culinary tradition of the old Bratislava is Modra Hviezda, is located in one of the most beautiful streets in the city.
Staroslovenska krcma (The old Tavern Slovak), located within the pedestrian area at the foot of the Torre de San Miguel is a good choice both in winter and in summer. It has a nice Winery that shelter from the winter cold and a terrace to enjoy a meal in the Sun.
Also in the Centre of the city and recommended by the great majority of travel guides, powder simply is a safe choice. Good food in a relaxed atmosphere. It has a vaulted interior room and a garden terrace with a beautiful view of the Torre de San Miguel.
Also is Vegetka, the room better known vegetarian of the city, within this category and focusing on sites most frequented by the inhabitants of the city, Lahodky u Sherlocka is a reasonable choice. There are also other restaurants like Leguan or Steam & Coffee
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