What is the meaning of Infopreneur? Concept and Definition of Infopreneur

What is the Meaning of Infopreneur

Infopreneur what means?

Infopreneur is a person whose principal business is the collection and sale of electronic information. This term derived from the words information (Info) and entrepreneur (Entrepreneur). An infopreneur is generally considered a businessman who makes money selling information on the Internet. They use their experience, translate it into a digital product and sell it to a type of audience.
The term is often used on the Internet. The word infopreneur was registered as a trademark (USPTO) on February 1, 1984 by Harold F. Weitzen. In 1988, H. go Weitzen published "Infopreneurs: transforming data into dollars" (John Wiley & Sons).
Before the explosive popularity of the Internet at the turn of the Millennium, the infopreneur already existed as an occupation. Before the widespread availability of the Internet, these inforpreneurs sold their information in other media such as audio tapes, CD audio, CD-ROM, Videos, presentations and conferences.
The classification of infopreneur has created a new style of business on the Internet, allowing anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can start a business by publishing information that may appeal to a specific market.
There are generally two kinds of infopreneurs: those sold information that have accumulated on their own and is based on his experience and those who earn commissions by the resale of information. In the unique experience they have is internet sales.
As the infopreneur is its own developer, marketer, producer and Distributor, some infopreneurs consider that they are in the business of desktop publishing. Unlike traditional printed edition, the infopreneur develops and markets digital media, what he or she know by experience, or what they learned, and broadcast it to the world by posting on web sites, blogs, eBooks, messages, email, etc.
There are information dealers deemed infopreneurs but these all they do is copying or plagiarizing information from others and use it for their own Breda economic, so that only stain the reputation of the concept. Many of them used the power of the World Wide Web for the creation of web sites and blogs to act as their showcase. Fortunately each day surfers are more cunning and is more difficult to deceive them, people you are looking for is authenticity and pseudo these infopreneurs do not last long.
The serious infopreneur money through the sale of digital products created by if same or resale of products with rights and permission from the author. This is done through the creation of a site with content, attracting traffic by manipulating internal and external site to appear first in the results of the search engines or as commonly say at the top of the search engines. This can be done by setting key words and descriptions that describe accurately the web page.
In summary the infopreneur is an entrepreneur for the information age.

Definition of Infopreneur - Meaning of Infopreneur

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