What is the meaning of lovable? Concept and Definition of lovable

Definition of lovable: Their meanings, concepts and importance

Definition: lovable and its importance

Developed by the Real Academia Española (RAE) dictionary does not recognize the term lovable. This word, however, is often used in many countries to refer to that or that which is worthy of love. To the lovable, therefore you have affection, affection, appreciation, love or sympathy.
For example: "I very much regret the loss of Don Aníbal: was a man very lovable", "Lucas generates the typical problems of young people, but is someone lovable", "Tommy is a lovable dog and playful".

Recognize people lovable characteristics that cause the affection of others. A woman sympathetic, sociable and supportive, to cite one case, will be graded as lovable. Not may said the same thing about that is unfriendly, rejects social ties and ever ready to help others.
Sometimes, the individual has certain skills that make it lovable and who manage to counteract other defects. A teenager may have a poor academic performance and tendency to quarrels with other young people, but at the same time, being very respectful with adults, who always seeks to assist. So many will comment that it is a lovable boy, even though evidence problems in certain areas.
Fictional characters can also qualify as lovable according to that generated in the readers or viewers. In general, the funny characters or heroes are that lovable result since they cause empathy in public, who feels identified with the creation of the autho

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