What is the meaning of verification? Concept and Definition of verification

Definition of verification:Their meanings, concepts and importance

Definition: verification and its importance

1. Action and effect of check: still, the verification of the data has not taken place, but everything seems to indicate that they are reliable.

Checking, test, test, control, confirmation, review, show, evidence, contrast.

Refutation, falsacion, neglect, negligence, failure to follow.

Verification is the Act of verifying (see or examine the truth of something). Verification is often the process that takes place to check if a certain thing is complying with the requirements and standards laid down.
For example: "works are already finished: now lack that State authorities move to perform the verification of installations", "Tomorrow I have to take car to verification so we can go out to the route without problems", "software not passed verification, which means that you it's a pirate copy".
The notion of verification is common in computer, in law and in the field of science in general. You can tell that the verification is an essential step to prove or disprove a theory or a hypothesis.
If a scientist creates a new type of clothes and says that it resists temperatures exceeding 100 ° C without damage, you must submit these items to a check. In this case, verify action will consist of submitting such clothing at a temperature of over 100 ° C: If clothing exceeds the test, scientist will have demonstrated the validity of his invention and the veracity of their claims.
Verification, anyway, does not always guarantee the truth, since you can appeal to relations of cause and effect which have no correspondence. A man who lives in a town and carrying a hanging red saying this amulet to prevent lions, to attack it may apply as a verification of his belief that was never bitten by these animals. However, the possibility of suffering from an attack of a lion in the city is almost nil, since there are just a few of these animals locked up in zoos. Therefore, the hanging red not has to do with the fact to repel the Lions.

Concept: verification and what is

Verification is the process or action which is checked if a thing is in compliance with laws, regulations or statutes established previously.
Some examples of the word in context can find in phrases like "Starting next year, the Government provide a verification of car program", "Before crossing the border, there is a verification process to ensure that all your papers are in order" or "When you register at the web site, you must pass a simple verification process to verify that you are not a bot".
The verification process is very common in disciplines such as economics, engineering and, above all, the natural sciences and exact, being an essential part of the scientific method. For example, if a scientist says that he did an experiment with which achieved certain results under certain conditions, the rest of the scientific community should be able to verify the experiment on your own and get exactly the same results to verify its reliability.
Verify hypothesis independently allows you to quickly discard those that are mere assumptions of those if they have real fundamentals and solid foundations. It is an important step which, within the scientific community, even works that can not be verified independently often being taken seriously.
However, should emphasize that the verification process may not always indicate that something is true. For example, suppose that a tribe suffers a dry season and, since then, decides to do a ritual every night to attract rain. They spend several months and, indeed, a night rain falls while performing the ritual. For some, that may be sufficient to check that your way to attract rain is authentic, but they could actually have made for years while the rain fell, by which their effectiveness can not be verified.

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