Four islands with heart shape

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Nature is infinitely creative. It gives us breathtaking mountains, seas of a hundred different blues, various colors, volcanoes, rivers, Plains, Islands beaches... And among these last, you can find giant or tiny, isolated or gathered in archipelago Islands. Today we discovered four islands heart shaped as another gift of nature.

Heart reef

The most known and photographed is that forms the "reef heart" in the sector Hardy of the Great barrier reef of Australia. Corals have slowly been drawing an almost perfect heart that can be seen from the air only. While we are in one of the 10 best destination for diving adventure, both visits and access to divers is prohibited because it is a nature reserve in a threatened ecosystem.

It was discovered in 1975 by a pilot of a small local aviation company and from there became the promotional image of the Whitsunday Islands, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It appears in brochures, postcards, websites and videos of the great barrier reef, and thousands and thousands of personal photos of travelers that are uploaded to a plane to make a walk around the Islands, with the intention of making "photo". And everyone gets it.

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Island heart, Ecuador

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The Chone River reaches the Pacific coast in the city of Bajia de Caraquez, Ecuador. Shortly before reaching the mouth of the River, sediments that have formed a small heart-shaped island. The island is uninhabited and a dense mangrove forest covers it for full.
Also, the island has become a real paradise for birds who choose it to nest. Various species of seabirds have a permanent flow between the coast and the island, so we are in a corridor ideal for bird watching.
Ls Island heart has been declared a wildlife refuge and visits are organized in canoes that surround it to observe the ecosystem of mangroves and bird population.

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Heart island in Brazil

The Northeast of Brazil is an extensive line of beaches. Very close to the coast of Aracaju, is the mouth of the River the Vaza-Barris River basin. A large area of meanders and upholstered land of jungle forest, ending in a delta formed by many arms of rivers and small islands between them.
One of them is the "Island heart", which although it has no official name, is the star of the delta. Routes are organized in motor boats leaving from San Cristobal.

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Heart island within walking distance of New York

petre island
A small heart shape, within a Lake, private island to little more than one hour away from New York. Yes. The Petra Island is located within the Lake Mahopac. Names that tell us little except that we are fans of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Because in this small private island there are two homes designed by architect in 1951: Massaro House (built in 2007) and Chahroudi Cottage (built in the Decade of the 50's). In fact, are the only two buildings on the island, in addition to its private helipad.
Another curiosity, the island is for sale and rumors that Angelina Jolie and their large offspring, would be interested in buying it.
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