Gerona, Spain

Gerona is a Spanish city, capital of the province of Girona and of the comarca of the Gironès, in the autonomous community of Catalonia. I invite with an impressive architectural and cultural wealth, so today you to walk
The old town of Girona contains all the most important artistic heritage of the city and is surrounded by immense chains of wall that you can tour the Passeig Arqueològic and the Passeig de la Muralla. Very characteristic of the city are the houses hanging over River Onar, picturesque style, were built over the centuries and give the city the splendid image of a small Mediterranean town.
Gerona has a climate, typically Mediterranean, with wet winters, where it is very uncommon for falling snow and dry summers. Due to the proximity of the Mediterranean, the summers are cooler.
Some places to visit Girona:
Onar houses: painted with vivid colors and which, with the Cathedral and Sant Feliu to the Fund are the most emblematic image of Girona. These picturesque houses built over the centuries beside the river offer a splendid picture of a small Mediterranean town, painted with an intense palette.
The Cathedral: built between centuries XI - XVIII offering four architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The most spectacular item is the ship, space vaulted more throughout the world.
clip_image003In addition to other civil buildings such as the Casa de L'ardiaca , and The Episcopal Palace, the old town has representative religious buildings, such as the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants or the Basilica of Sant Feliu.
The Jewish quarter (The Call Jueu): within the crossroads of medieval alleyways highlights the Jewish quarter, where he lived until the end of the 15th century a small community. It is one of Europe's best-preserved medieval nuclei. Emphasizes the possible old synagogue converted today into a study center. The Montjuïc, is located on the north side of the Center or mount of the Jews.
Arab baths: really is a Romanesque building of the s. XII, even if the structure remind us of Arab baths, characterized by its domed top Lantern.
The bridges over River Onar: throughout the history of the city, one of the main problems, it was the need to join both parts of the city, separated by the River Onar. Bridges always played a pivotal role in the development of the city. Currently there is none of the medieval bridge crossing the river and most of the buildings are contemporary. Among them are four: the stone bridge, the iron bridge, the Gómez bridge and the railway viaduct.
Walls and fortifications:The rehabilitation of the walls has become part of the defensive system a route for tourists, who can enjoy a different perspective of the city. From the towers, which are now converted into privileged vantage points, you can enjoy the best views of Girona and surroundings. The longest stretch conserved d' childhood, is accessed from the garden near the plate from the top of the old town, in the gardens of the French or Catalunya. The stretch of Sant Pere a fantastic set of Cathedral and Passeig Arqueològic viewpoint, access from the John Lennon gardens.
Sant Daniel:The Valley of Sant Daniel, which in ancient times was called the Shady Valley, dense vegetation, close to the city centre, is an ideal place to stroll and explore the ancient sources: of Pericot, d' del bisbe or Fita, dels Lleons. At the entrance of the Valley is located the Sant Daniel Benedictine convent a monastic Foundation related to the Countess Ermessenda (s. XI); its beautiful sepulchre is exhibited in the Cathedral. In the Church of the convent is the grave of Sant Daniel, an interesting Gothic work.
The city of Girona is located in an area geographical position of privilege that allows you to have a variety and quality of ingredients and products of high quality directly both the sea and the mountain. Here I give you some of the restaurants where you may check it:
Albereda restaurant, restaurant Bo.TiC, restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, Massana restaurant,
Hotels in Gerona
Peninsular, Ciutat de Girona, Costabella Girona, AC Palau de Bellavista, Melia Girona
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