Luxury cruises part I

Currently, cruise ships have become one of the forms of holiday more interesting than a trip with just a destination to meet, since this type of travel gives the opportunity to get to know different places, such as towns, cities and countries in a single trip.
Luxury cruise destinations include everyone: the Mediterranean, the Baltic capitals, fjords, the Caribbean, Alaska, South America, Middle East, Polynesia, around the world. And by different companies, detail them some, with services offered:
Bora Bora Cruises
Variety of culinary creations, mixing careful French cuisine, as well as an exclusive wine list.

Trained personnel to meet the wishes and needs of your guests.
Theatre in the open air.
Champagne sailing around Taha´a.
Dinner in the light of the Moon in Hana Iti.
Tai chi and yoga classes every morning.
Tattoo shows
Crystal Cruises
The possibility of making a gift to the person that you want, for example exclusive champagne bottles, flowers, sparkling wine, truffles, or any detail to surprise.
Computer classes with the newest software in charge of University@Sea.
Practical golf lessons conducted by TaylorMade, the best company in the world of golf with former professional players coaches lessons.
Piano lessons in charge of Yamaha and language courses.
Crystral Society loyalty programs: which offers awards, prizes and discounts from the second cruise.
Services of the master bedroom: room service 24 h, personalized stationery, books, atlas and guides of travel, bathrobes, fresh flowers, Concierge and Butler, slippers and luxury swimwear, bottle of champagne welcome, canapés before dinner...
Queen Room: Tea room and all the delights that accompany it.
Royal Promenade: shops with the most exclusive brands such as Harrods are at your disposal.
Computer centre: to acquire new skills or simply to send or receive e-mail via the Web.
Cunard Insights: attend Conference of some famous writer or scientist or perfect a new language.
Optional for the cruise services: offer the possibility to extend your vacation with a stay at the destination port or to be picked up upon arrival, Cunard offers a series of optional services may contract in addition to your cruise.
Theatrical performances: by actors of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
Oceania Cruises
Oceania Cruises cruises have a club of loyalty in which many more cruise partners perform best advantages and benefits obtained.
You will enjoy the flexibility of the four restaurants of the open day, when and with whoever you dinner. They offer 5 different menus all made by Chef Jacques Pépin (culinary Executive Director), one of the most renowned chefs in America.
Tuxedo or long dresses are never a requirement for dinner.
Regent Seven Seas
Program Bon Voyage, e.g.: possibility to give to the person that you want strawberries with chocolate and a bottle of Don Perignon along with a personalized card.
Regent Commemorative Album: album that includes photographs of the trip with stories lived on board.
Custom Tours: Regattas of sailing in Melbourne (Australia), hot air balloons, luxury, private jungle tour yacht...
COMPANY seven seas: is a loyalty program, in which many more cruise ships are carried out in the company more benefits you get customer
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