Mendoza, the land of the wine

Tastes, wines and mountains at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes, province of Mendoza, Argentina welcomes all who visit it with a beautiful Symphony of colors and flavors. It has a recognized value in the Argentina and the world by the imposing landscape of mountain, where you will find Aconcagua, one of the highest mountains in the world.
Many people visit this province besides by mountaineering, because it has an excellent ski slopes, but also desert, very important vineyards and modern cities inhabited by people extremely friendly.
Other recognition around the world are its winesthat meet the wishes of the most demanding, around which there is a very special and captivating world. There is also another aspect that emphasizes other values of this land, and is the cuisine, which many have already begun to appreciate.
The kitchen gourmet the best internationally, spread by different regions of the mendocino area, thanks to the creativity and talents of expert chefs and famous chefs, can be seen combined with excellent wines from breeding and varietal, this distributed between San Rafael and Gran Mendoza, in the important wineries and charming wine-lodges, mountain hotels or in the of 4 and 5 star.
It is really an unforgettable experience the taste exquisite dishes accompanied by no less special and excellent wines in a space surrounded by vineyards, with the imposing mountains as a framework.
In addition to this the traditions of the peoples of Europe as the flavours of the far East, Hebrew and Arab cultures, but what attracts visitors is Creole food, with their red meat and poultry, with your vegetables fresh and healthy.
All of this can be found along the Gastronomic tours ranging from the high mountains to the big city, from the Uco Valley, to the East, South and the Desert Lavallino.
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