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If you are in Barcelona, you can not miss a small getaway is one of the world's few libraries dedicated to death (is the second most important in Europe, after the Vienna), where black humor or funeral flowers, books are offered courtesy of the cemetery of Montjuïc.
At least we can ensure that it is the only thematic library on the death of entire Spain. Account with a bibliographic of almost 4,000 copies. And it was idea of the Manel Hernándezarchaeologist, that he started his work set thirty years ago.
At the beginning, Manel had only a handful of works kept in the morgue of Sancho de Avila (Barcelona), the first that was built in Spain (1968), but immediately stayed her small, and now its great collection is displayed at the entrance of the cemetery on the mountain of Montjuïc, from which you have a privileged view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Library of the cemetery of Montjuïc occupies 80 square meters, and next to it also is displayed a collection of hearses unique in Spain. The first issue that came here was gods, graves and scholars, C. w. Ceram, and one of the last that have come has been Estat dels cementiris de the judicial party of Terrassa to finals del segle XIX .
However, the jewel in the Crown of the library is The temple of king Sethos I at Abydos, which consists of three volumes and was published in 1933 by Amice Mary Carveley and M. f. Broome: contains information about burial rituals in ancient Egypt. Principles of Botany funeral home, which illustrates what kind of species are admissible in the cemeteries is also curious. Among other things, also explains why there are so many cypress trees in cemeteries.
Naturally, you can also find here the book of the dead, seminal work of the ancient Egypt, that contains formulas that allow the deceased to reach beyond.
Since entering the black humor, you will find the great book of black humor, Philippe Héracles, which abound aphorisms, epitaphs and jokes about death. Something like the version in book form of the cemetery of the good vibes that we find in Sapanta, Romania. A cemetery where there are crosses of colors and funny epitaphs like the following: here lies my mother: I ocuparia had lived another year, instead. Lord, recibela with the same joy that I send it to you. Here lies my wife, cold as always
In the Library of the cemetery of Montjuïc you find here works in German, Arabic, catalan, Spanish, French, Galician, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. Certainly a different way of approaching a cemetery, at least from a less gloomy perspective and malrollista. Or not.
You can visit free from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 2 pm.
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