Slovak cuisine

Slovak cuisine It is one of the oldest in Europe and currently has an excellent level, comparable to the large global schools. It has deep historical roots.
Throughout the pedestrian area of old that begins in St. Michael's Gate and ends at the promenade on the Danube River, all palates and tastes has at disposal of the Slovaks and tourists a very important number of cafes, bars, wine bars, pubs and restaurants to contemplate. Bratislava offers visitors a wide range of restaurants offering meals typical Slovak and Hungarian, Czech and Austrian, as well as of international flavours.
It is mainly based on meat of pork, flour, potato, cabbage, and dairy products. The most popular and typical Slovak dishes were based on pasta or flour such as cakes: gnocchi made paste of papata which sometimes added small pies, tomato or cucumber or the famous pirogi, cheese stuffed with ham, cheese or potatoes. Restaurants also offer soups typical Slovak as the tomato, cold cucumber, lentils or mushrooms. Most of the modern Slovak dishes contain apart from pork, fish from the river. In the South of Slovakia specialty is the goose and duck.

The salad is the inevitable Companion. The most typical are red or white cabbage salads, lettuce salad mixed salad with grated vegetables. Sauerkraut to accompany the main course is served in the winter months. Many meat dishes are accompanied by potato salad «zemiakovy šalat», made from potato cooked in their shells and then cut into cubes, carrot, horse mackerel, onions, gherkins, boiled eggs and mayonnaise.
But the specialty in Bratislava is the strudel, something that can not fail to try if you want to know the Slavonic; gastronomy and thus you can not leave take a Bratislava Roll. Other typical desserts are the «named» and the «kolače» - cakes made from wheat flour and yeast, filled with fruits, marmalades and curds, the «babovka» - cake made with flour and eggs, and the «del» (crepes).
The reputation of the Slovak, pastry chefs from the 18th century, with a pastry called Shierman which begins to prepare cookies nuts and poppy seeds: known as pajgle. If you want to enjoy a pastry of first class, it cannot do so in Bratislava.
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