Sorrento: the city of the cliffs

Sorrento is a small city in the Amalfi coast. It is a popular tourist destination, with its steep streets, with a unique landscape in the world where the sea with the mountain, alternating deep ravines with citrus groves. It overlooks the Gulf of Naples, with many vantage points from which to see Naples and Mount Vesuvius.
The narrow road that connects Sorrento and Amalfi meanders through the highest cliffs of the Mediterranean. The Amalfi Coast washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, of great tourist and cultural interest, all the municipalities that make up the coast were declared as World Heritage by Unesco in 1997, as the renowned neighbouring towns: Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, etc.
Legend has it that the name of Sorrento derives from the mythical sirens, which were half women and half fish, which had forced the sailors to wrecked on its rocks. The most important temples of Surrentum were the Athena and the sirens (the only dedicated to them, in historical times, in the Greek world.

Luxury hotels in Sorrento are impressive and have attracted famous personalities as Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti. It offers great restaurants, boat trips and areas for fishing and scuba diving. In addition, the peninsula is crossed by roads ideal for hiking.
The historic centre of the city shows still the orthogonal layout of the streets of Roman origin, while towards the mountain, surrounded by walls from the 16th century. They are del Duomo', rebuilt in the 15th century, with neo-Gothic facade, and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, with a notable 14th century fresco.
In the museo Correale exposed collections of Greek and Roman finds and porcelain of Capodimonte, with a section of painting from the 17TH - 19th. Close to the Punta del Capo, 3 km to the West, Roman remains, are supposedly the village of Polio Felix.
The local economy is based primarily on tourism, cultural and beach, in agriculture (nuts, grapes, olives, etc) Sorrento is famous for being the birthplace of Limoncello liqueur made from barks of lemon, alcohol, water and sugar.
The beaches of Sorrento is one of the most visited destinations between the months of May and September. One of the beaches that you can not miss is Bagni della Regina Giovanna, in honor to the Queen Giovanna II of Anjou and Durazzo. Where besides the prestige and glamour, are the ruins of an ancient Roman villa. So apart from a good beach day, we also have to enjoy an excursion through one of the traces of the history of the region.
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