South Africa, cultural attractions

It is one of the most sought after destinations when you're looking for wild landscapes, spectacular beaches, ideal climate, exotic natural beauties, excellent hospitality, cuisine of very good level, safaris and excursions.
It is an ideal destination for different holidays, with plenty of adventure. It is located at the southern end of Africa. Borders to the North with with Namibia to the Northwest; to the North East with Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swazilandand Botswana . The country is surrounded by the oceans Atlantic and Indian. Lesotho country independent but with important ties with South Africa, is completely surrounded by South African territory.
South Africa is known for its diversity of cultures, languages and religions, and also by large inequalities between social groups; While there are large fortunes, about a quarter of the South African population is unemployed
With spectacular landscapes and weather warm and perfect to enjoy at any time of the year, South Africa presents a varied natural beauty: forests, beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains, deserts and Virgin mountains. Nature lovers find a real paradise, in South Africa since this exotic country is known for its many national parks and ecological reserves. Reservations highlighted in South Africa are, among others: the Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg, Blyde River, Santa Lucía, Tsitsikamma, the Mpumalanga panorama route and the Garden Route.
But nature is not the only attraction of South Africa. Diversity and contrasts of the population of South Africa manifests itself in his art, culture and music, inviting to know the traditions and customs, still rooted, the ancestral tribes of Africa.
In addition, it is necessary to add the charm of the South Africa cities: Pretoria, the administrative capital and is nicknamed to which "Garden City"; Cape Town, famous for being one of the most beautiful in the world and holder of the scenic route of the vineyards, Soweto, with a vibrant black urban society, birthplace of resistance to apartheid and the modern seaside resort of Durban, with spectacular beaches and warm waters at any time of the year.
In the Northern Cape Province is Kimberley, the city of diamonds, where you can appreciate its mining history in the Kimberley Mine Museum and the Great Karoo, a semi-desert zone where it appears the Augrabies Waterfall National Park, with the falls of the same name and where not very far in the vicinity of Upington, is the "wine route".
A country of contrasts where you can enjoy nature in its purest state , beaches, parks and mountains and its modern cities where you can spend an unforgettable holiday, enjoying of the culture and African Customs.
Guteng province, the financial heart of South Africa, Johannesburg, the largest city in the country is located and where the theme park 's two most famous stand out, as the de Jo'burg is Gold Reef City; museums, restaurant, hotels and Victorian buildings that recall are concentrated in them to the "gold fever".
It Cape South is one of the most beautiful areas of the continent, as located between Mossel Bay to the West and Tstsikamma to the East, where there are beautiful beaches with ample bays and estuaries, interrupted by acantiladados pronounced, falling to the sea.
There are many and very varied possibilities of accommodation in South Africa, ranging from luxury hotels 5 star, to rustic cabins of straw (called rondavels) within the nature reserves. Another option being developed much in South Africa are in timeshare resorts within departments.
Due to the expansion of the country, the climate is very variable depending on the climatic zones. In the South and the Highlands, the climate is temperate, while in the Northwest climate is subtropical and the western part of the country is semiarid. The average annual rainfall is 464 mm.
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