The bird of paradise

Ave del paraiso Lophorina-superba

There are more than three dozen species of the familyparadisaeidae, better known as birds of paradise. The majority is distinguished by its flashy colors and bright yellow, blue, Scarlet or green plumage. Thanks to these colors, they are more attractive and striking the world's birds. Males tend to look lush press collars or extremely elongated, known as wire pens. Some species have huge plumes on head or other distinctive ornaments, such as overalls or Tufts.
Males take full advantage of their bright colors and unusual ornaments to show off to the females. Their elaborate dances, poses, and other rituals accentuate their appearance and are a magnificent spectacle for females, and also for the humans who are lucky enough to witness them. These productions can last for hours, and the males of many species spend much of their time to them.
Birds of paradise are found in New Guinea and the surrounding islands. Species tailing and rifle also live in Australia. Birds of paradise are so attractive by its appearance that in their day were the target of hunters for feathers, which decimated some species.
These birds also give name to a colorful flower. The bird of Paradise (strelitzia reginae) South Africa is a member of the banana family. She wears a beautiful flower that has some resemblance to a bird of paradise in full flight. [National Geographic]
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