The magical island of Capri

Lush, extraordinary warm weather Capri is the Mediterranean island where there's been jet-setters, intellectuals, artists and writers, all captured by its magical beauty. A mix of history, nature, have given life to the myth of Capri, which is part of the spectacular Amalfi Coast with Sorrento, Amalfi, Naples and Positano.
The island of Capri, Italian has been a place of famous beauty and resort since the time of the ancient Roman Republic. Its privileged geographic situation, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, as well as its splendid natural beauty and its mild temperatures at any time of the year, have done that, the island of Capri was a place desired by emperors, Kings and Princes.
Since the 1950s, Capri became a popular destination for the international jet set. Although it retains its modest urban architecture, it is full of luxurious shops, expensive restaurants and celebrity-hunting paparazzi. Brigitte Bardot, María Callas, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy are just a few names of the large amount of famous people that, with its presence in Capri, in turn helped increase the popularity of the island.
Today, it is more visited by goddesses of glamour and elegance as top models, designers and actors, who still found in Capri ideal not only to enjoy the stay, but also to be carried away by that particular game of the 'see and be seen'.
The city of Capri is the main centre of population of the island of Capri. The main features of the island are portrayed in different postcards: Marina Piccola (small harbour), Marina Grande (the main port of the island), the Belvedere of Tragara, which is a high seeded scenic drive villas, the limestone massifs that stand out from the sea of (the "Faraglioni"), Anacapri, the Blue Grotto with its impressive luminance.
And above all the ruins of Roman villas. According to the Greek geographer Strabo, Capri was once part of the Mainland. This has been confirmed both by geological for archaeological studies.
The city was inhabited since ancient times. This shows it evidence of human settlements which were discovered in the Roman period, when the foundations for the villa of Augustus were excavated, giant bones and stone weapons were discovered.
The Emperor ordered that they were exhibited in the garden of his main residence, the Palace of the sea; What has been one of the first exhibitions of fossils of history. Modern excavations have shown that human presence on the island can be traced to the Neolithic and the Bronze age.
Romanticism exudes the atmosphere of Capri, accompanied by the aroma of the lemon trees and the fresh breeze from the sea. Best to leave the car on the Mainland and do as the rest of the travellers, coming to this spectacular Italian island in some means of water transport from the Bay of Naples.
Other places of interest
  • Villa San Michele
  • Villa Lysis
  • Villa Jovis
  • The Sea Palace
  • The Piazzetta
  • Via Krupp
  • Arco Naturale
  • Villa Malaparte
  • Torre Materita
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • Monte Solaro
  • Punta Carena
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