The Solar system in the "globe" in Stockholm

The Ericsson globe, formerly known as the Stockholm Globe Arena, is where you can see the stars and the universe, in the way closest to reality, on this planet, is that it contains the largest solar world-scale system size, indoors.
This impressive building, located in Stockholm, Johanneshov district, was popularly known in Sweden as "Globen" ("El Globo"). The Ericsson globe is currently the world's largest hemispherical-shaped building, and it took two and a half years to build.
Its diameter of 110 meters and its inner height of 85 meters, with a volume of 605,000 m3 is what makes this so. Its capacity is for 16,000 spectators for shows in general, and more than 14,000 for ice hockey.

The scale model of the solar system which has in its interior is a truly gigantic scale. But is that, in itself, is part of a solar system to scale. The Center of the universe, to scale 1:20 million, is located in Stockholm, and the Globe is the Sun.
Planets are scattered to the equivalent actual distances by Swedish geography, from mercury (2.9 km. of the Globe, the scale model of the planet has 25 cm. in diameter) to Pluto (300 km. and has 65 cm. diameter Jupiter (40 km away), Saturn (73 km.), Uranus (143 km) and Neptune (229 km).) There are guided tours to see the inside of the building
An imaginary model that stretches along 300 km. and it allows to view the planets in different buildings or places of Sweden, as well as closer to the true scale of our solar system. Also, the Stockholm Globen shows views of the city thanks to the SkyView, a panoramic lift glazing, spherical shape, amounting to 130 m high which is the top of the globe. 
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