Trains and luxury of Orient-Express hotels

Orient Express (Orient Express) is the name of the service of long-distance trains linking Paris with Constantinople (today Istanbul). Its opening dates from 1883.
Its route was altered on several occasions for several reasons: logistics, policy, etc. It was considered one of the most luxurious in the world, trains with passengers ranging from millionaires to members of the European aristocracy. Orient-Express Hotels Ltd., is a company that operates a chain of hotels, luxury trains, restaurants and river ships.
Perurail S.A.: It is a company that is part of the Corporation English Orient Express, which was established in October 1999. It is one of the highest railway routes in the world, connects the major tourist attractions of the Andes and is, without doubt, the most spectacular way to discover the ancestral land of the Inca, taking it by of absolute beauty and almost inaccessible by other means.

The Royal Scotsman: kaleidoscopic landscapes of winding canyons, towering peaks and sparkling lakes: aboard the Royal Scotsman train travelers enjoy the Majesty of the Highlands - Highlands - Scottish while it winds through rugged fields and stretches of Virgin coast.
Venice Simplon: embark aboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express is not to take any train in motion. 17 blue wagons and gold through Europe for more than 30 weeks a year. The Venice Simplon Orient Express owns 11 sleeping built between 1926 and 1931.
To revive this adventure, toilet rooms have been restored identically and provide hot water for small stoves. The other carriages of the train will also immerse them in the time of "the roaring twenties" since every detail has been respected to be faithful to the train of that era..., and the elegance of the place and his fellow travelers transported them to another time...
Eastern and Oriental Express: it proposes more «glamor» and the most romantic of all the cruise on Rails that you can imagine, invites and encourages scales privileged in this end of the world. These railway routes do not consist only in move between cities whose unique tunes open the door of dreams, but to discover, to explore the landscapes and civilizations that separate them.
A kind of real road that takes you from the ancient Kingdom of Siam to the futuristic Singapore crossing Malaysia... miles of peaceful adventures, out of the world, outside the norm, to the rhythm of the elegant deliciously «retro» train...
Safaris in Africa
Savute Elephant Camp: In the heart of the National Park of Chobe, named as the capital of the elephants, Savute, is an area that embodies the contrasts of Africa. It is there, on the banks of the canal, where the Savute Elephant Camp of Orient-Express, offering a spectacular view of the elephants in their natural habitat.
Khwai River Lodge: The edge of a forest, overlooking the great River Khwai and next to a wildlife sanctuary the luxurious Orient-Express Khwai River Lodgeis located. Known for its large concentrations of mammals, the area is considered one of the most prolific in Botswana, where you can see the wildlife of Africa.
Eagle Island Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana: Hidden from the world, deep in the delta of the Okavango in Botswana, paradise safari camp, is Eagle Island Camp of Orient-Express.Built to blend into its surroundings, the camp offers guests a quiet atmosphere, perfect to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Okavango delta.
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