Under the sea, the Manta Resort luxury

The Manta Resort, is located on the island of Pemba, is one of the most luxurious hotels of the many in the archipelago of Zanzibar, on the eastern coast of Africa. Stay at this resort is already totally relaxing but, if you go over, you only got that ask for his underwater room.
It is isolated, on a floating platform on the reefs that surround the resort, and accessible only by boat, the suite has several terraces where you can sunbathe or where diving in the crystal clear waters that surround it.
The most impressive and unique, attraction is the bedroom, which is located four meters below the water level and surrounded by transparent panels to see the underwater life. The place is beautiful with a soft sand.
For the architects of the Chinese Plat Architects was a singular challenge to build this underwater room, on a vast sea of sand, but they resolved it in a very clever way. The only bad thing is that the experience is not cheap at all. Overnight in this suite costs $1,500.
But if it is not what most interests you about being in this underwater room, the hotel offers you a charming white beach, beautiful rooms, excellent food, as service and hospitality, excellent diving.
In addition, a turquoise sea. beach chairs and hammocks for everyone. lovely pool, delicious food (includes all meals freshly baked bread), full-body massages.
Manta Resort is a place to recommend.
Vía: visitandoelmundo

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